HDR PRO Lightroom Presets

HDR PRO Lightroom Presets
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Each preset provides a unique approach to edit and improve your shots.

The HDR PRO Lightroom presets pack is perfect for enhancing images with low exposure, adding an artistic touch to any photo. Each preset provides a unique approach to edit and improve your shots. With 10 unique styles included in this pack, you can customize HRD effects according to your artistic preferences.

The HDR technique enables you to extract and manipulate details from all parts of an image irrespective of exposure levels, providing a balanced output with clear details in both the lightest and darkest areas. With this HDR PRO Lightroom preset collection, you can effortlessly process HDR images, improve your digital workflow and overall enhance your photography.

Any alterations made using the HDR PRO Lightroom presets can be easily reversed, thanks to its 100% non-destructive feature. With just one click, you can revert back to the original image ensuring your raw image file is always secure. This is undoubtedly a valuable tool for any photographer looking to explore and experiment with HDR techniques.

Details & Features

  • 10 unique HDR presets for Adobe Lightroom
  • Comprehensive use of HDR technique
  • Involved and effortless customization of presets
  • 100% non-destructive, guarantees raw image safety
  • Variety of HDR effects from natural to artistic
  • Improves low exposure images
  • Includes filters like HDR Black & White Punch, HDR Saturation, HDR Shadow and more

Why We Like It

We highly recommend the HDR PRO Lightroom presets because of its unique approach to HDR photography. It is seamlessly easy to use and customize according to your preference. With multiple styles to select from and a non-destructive character, this asset is indispensable for any professional photographers and hobbyists alike.