Austral Slab Billboard Font

Austral Slab Billboard Font
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In terms of functionality, the Austral Slab Font takes a step further.

The Austral Slab Billboard Font is a unique, hand-drawn typography tool created by Antipixel. With its uneven outlines and strokes, this distinctive font offers untamed character, breathing life, and personality into your projects. The font's intriguing aesthetic is offered in three weights, Regular, Light, and Thin, making it versatile and dynamic.

Aside from its distinctive aesthetic appeal, the Austral Slab Font has a practical application for a myriad of design projects. These could range from logos and branding, stationery, book or magazine design, and even clothing prints. Its versatility ensures that this singular font can not only fit, but also elevate various design needs.

In terms of functionality, the Austral Slab Font takes a step further. With three sets of alphabets in both uppercase and lowercase, this font prevents the repetition of the same character pattern, lending your work a genuinely handcrafted feel. This feature is included in the Open-Type Contextual Alternates, which applies an automatic substitution of glyphs.

Details & Features

  • Hand-drawn, layered font design
  • Three weights: Regular, Light, and Thin
  • Irregular outlines and strokes
  • Applicable for diverse design projects
  • Three sets of alphabets, upper and lowercase
  • Included in Open-Type Contextual Alternates
  • Rich coverage of language and glyphs

Why We Like It

We’re particularly partial to the Austral Slab Billboard Font for its artistic yet utilitarian approach. With its distinctive characteristics and versatile features, it can give any work an individualistic edge. We enjoy how it effortlessly combines aesthetic beauty and functionality, enriching any project it's applied to.