BlogStory Responsive Blogger Email Template

Its simple design shines the spotlight on your content, making it engaging for your readers.

BlogStory offers bloggers a professional, uncluttered space to share their latest posts through email newsletters. The template is fully responsive, allowing subscribers to enjoy seamless readability across various devices. Its minimalist design ensures that your blog post is the star of the show and not lost in an array of flashy graphics or overwhelming colors.

Easily customizable, you can tweak colors and text to suit your brand image or the theme of your latest publication. Thanks to the intuitive online template builder features, you can drag & drop, duplicate or hide modules, edit text instantly, upload images, redo or undo adjustments and export files to desktop. Preview mode gives you a chance to evaluate your layout before sending it out.

Compatibility is key when reaching out to a diverse group of subscribers. BlogStory ticks this box efficiently, with compatibility extending to platforms such as Litmus, MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, Constant Contact, iContact, and Aweber. Even the HTML files are versatile and handy, standing the test of W3C and providing full-width, responsive design.

Details & Features

  • Fully Responsive & Full Width Design
  • Easy Customization Options
  • Drag & Drop Modules
  • Instant Text Editing
  • Image Upload Capabilities
  • Preview Mode
  • Compatible with Top Email Marketing Platforms

Why We Like It

BlogStory strikes a perfect balance between minimalistic aesthetics and desirable functionality. Its simple design shines the spotlight on your content, making it engaging for your readers. The ease of customization, broad compatibility and versatile template builder features make it a must-have tool for every blogger looking to create captivating email newsletters.