Bolandes Vintage Font

Bolandes Vintage Font
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Presenting Bolandes, a skilfully put together vintage monoline font.

Presenting Bolandes, a skilfully put together vintage monoline font. Taking inspiration from vintage signage, this font expertly combines the aesthetics of both traditional letterpress inkiness and modern calligraphy. Perfectly suited for a range of applications including branding, logos, labels, motivational quotes, eye-catching signage, and striking packaging.

Bolandes is an all-caps font, best suited for displays due to its striking character. This font boasts a rich selection of over 340 glyphs, inclusive of an array of OpenType features. These enable you to mix and match each character, bringing out a playful yet authentically vintage typographic design. The versatility of Bolandes extends to its availability in three unique styles - Light, Bold, and Aged.

With this package, you get the Bolandes in three distinct styles - Bolandes-Light, Bolandes-Bold, and Bolandes-Aged - all available in both ttf & otf. The font package includes uppercase, small caps, numbers & punctuation, Accented characters, and more. Unleashing your creativity with Bolandes will bring an invigorating spirit to your designs.

Details & Features

  • All-caps font
  • 340+ glyphs
  • Including many OpenType features
  • Available in three styles: Light, Bold, Aged
  • Compatible with both ttf & otf
  • Package including uppercase, small caps, numbers & punctuation
  • Accented characters along with custom ligatures

Why We Like It

Bolandes's vintage charm married with its modern calligraphic flair makes it a uniquely versatile font that's perfect for creative projects. We particularly appreciate its artisanal, hand-crafted feel which adds authenticity to any design. The vast glyph selection and helpful OpenType features also make it a standout choice for varied applications.