Chalk Scratch Typeface

Chalk Scratch Typeface
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This playful display font has a broad spectrum of usability.

Chalk Scratch Typeface allows you to recreate that nostalgic, childhood joy of writing in chalk on a school blackboard. It's fun, engaging, and distinctly childlike, adding a playful touch to any design. Perfect for kids and school projects, Chalk Scratch enhances any concept with a dash of whimsy.

The charm of Chalk Scratch doesn't stop at children or educational projects. This playful display font has a broad spectrum of usability. Whether you're designing a logotype, product label, a stylish watermark, or social media posts, Chalk Scratch adds an endearing handwritten touch, sure to capture attention.

Be it on apparel, invitations, signboards, or special event banners, Chalk Scratch Typeface adjusts perfectly, delivering a unique style that resonates. Its adaptability even extends to motor or sports club designs. This typeface truly embodies the spirit of versatility while maintaining a fun and lively aura that teems with creativity.

Details & Features

  • Artful and playful design language
  • Offers a unique, handwritten feel
  • Ideal for kids and school projects
  • Perfect for logotype, product designs, labels, watermarks
  • Great fit for social media posts, and apparel designs
  • Can be used on invitations, signboards, and special event banners
  • Adaptable to a variety of theme like sports club, motor/car, etc.

Why We Like It

Chalk Scratch Typeface delivers an unmatched balance between childlike playfulness and aesthetic versatility. It adds not just a visual appeal but also a human, tactile element to any design. Whether it's for an educational project or a business logo, Chalk Scratch enriches the design, making it expressive and engaging.