Cigarette Smoke Brushes Pack

Cigarette Smoke Brushes Pack
This pack offers it in abundance.

The classical, almost timeless, style of cigarette smoke is evoked masterfully in the Cigarette Smoke Brushes Pack. Often seen in films across the noir genre and beyond, this style is captivating and compelling. Now, you can capture the essence of this style yourself using the Cigarette Smoke package.

With this pack, you're not limited by a few standard smoke brush strokes. This comprehensive package ensures that you have over seventy distinct cigarette smoke brushes at your disposal. This variety ensures you can incorporate this iconic style into your works with a great sense of ease and diversity.

One of the standout attributes in this pack is its compatibility with all Photoshop versions. The brushes range up to 2500 pixels in size and are suitable for Photoshop CS2 right up to CS6 and CC versions. This wide-ranging suitability only amplifies the pack's versatility and the creative freedoms it brings.

Details & Features

  • Over 70 distinct cigarette smoke brushes
  • Compatible with all Photoshop versions
  • Brushes are as large as 2500 pixels
  • Wide-ranging versatility for various projects
  • High-resolution brush textures
  • Great for photo overlays and digital photo manipulation
  • Can function as visual effects for games or artwork

Why We Like It

We recommend the Cigarette Smoke Brushes Pack due to its versatility. Its breadth of over seventy brushes means there is something for every project. Plus, its compatibility with any Photoshop version makes it widely accessible. This blend of quantity, quality, and convenience is not found often. This pack offers it in abundance.