Cinematic Lightroom Presets

Cinematic Lightroom Presets
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  • Fully compatible with both PC and Mac systems.
  • Give your images a show-stopping makeover with the sublime Cinematic Lightroom Presets. Bundled with 49 professional effects, this collection gives your photographs a transcendent cinematic appeal with a convenient single click. Crafted by experts, these presets are compatible with Lightroom 4 and above, offering an effortless way to intensify your aesthetic games.

    The Cinematic Lightroom Presets are ideal not only for photographers but graphic designers as well. Each preset has been meticulously created with precise calibration settings, significantly enhancing your images’ vibrance and visual dynamics. Regardless of your project's nature, these presets are your magic wand to inject life into your images with professional-grade tools and techniques.

    The package is incredibly user-friendly and compatible with both JPEG and RAW formats. It includes comprehensive installation instructions, ensuring a hassle-free setup even for beginners. Moreover, it provides seamless compatibility with both PC and Mac systems, so your creative journey remains unhindered irrespective of your device.

    Details & Features

    • Includes 49 high-quality presets for diverse effects.
    • Compatibility with Lightroom 4-6 ensures wider usage.
    • Workable with both JPEG and RAW files for versatile editing.
    • Comes with detailed installation instructions for easy setup.
    • Fully compatible with both PC and Mac systems.
    • Created using professional methods for superior results.
    • Ideal for photographers and graphic designers for a variety of projects.

    Why We Like It

    The Cinematic Lightroom Presets bundle is a creative jackpot for photographers and designers alike. We love how it enables quick and convenient editing without compromising quality. Its broad compatibility range from device to format, combined with professional-grade effects, gives it the extra edge, making it an absolute must-have for every digital creator's arsenal.