Colour Matte Lightroom Presets Vol. 1

The Colour Matte Lightroom Presets Vol. 1 is a rich collection of Lightroom presets, specifically designed with photographers and graphic designers in mind. It boasts of 16 premium, professionally curated presets meant to give your photos a unique matte finish. This package adds a compelling dimension to your photo retouching experience by introducing swift and efficient editing solutions.

Designed for unparalleled ease of use, these presets work seamlessly with Lightroom versions 4-6. Its exceptional compatibility with both JPEGs and RAW files sets it apart, making it extremely versatile. Packed with detailed step-by-step installation instructions, you'll be up and running in no time at all, no matter your level of proficiency.

Whether you're on PC or Mac, Colour Matte Lightroom Presets Vol. 1 has you covered. Fully compatible across these popular platforms, these presets will seamlessly integrate with your workflow to transform your images into vividly enhanced masterpieces. This collection is your ultimate retouch tool, combining power, efficiency, and flawless compatibility.

Details & Features

  • 16 premium professionally curated presets
  • Compatible with Lightroom versions 4-6
  • Works with both JPEGs and RAW files
  • Detailed step-by-step installation instructions
  • Fully compatible with PC and Mac

Why We Like It

We highly recommend Colour Matte Lightroom Presets Vol. 1 to any photographer or graphic designer looking for a comprehensive retouch tool. It effortlessly combines precision, power, and user-friendly features to breathe new life into your images, helping you achieve impressive results in record time.