Config Font Family

Config Font Family
The sheer variety and stylistic options it provides are stellar.

Config Rounded is an extensive font collection showcasing bold and rounded designs. This artistic treasure trove boasts about 20 unique typefaces, becoming an indispensable tool for graphic designers and typography enthusiasts everywhere. Each font embodies modern style, perfect for professional and business-oriented designs.

Each set within Config Rounded goes beyond the ordinary, featuring 8 stylistic alternates for character modification. This enables extensive customization, accommodating a multitude of design requirements. It's the stylistic versatility of this font collection that makes it a standout resource for creating titles and headings.

Not limited to professional designs, Config Rounded fonts evoke sophistication in any design portfolio. Whether you're creating a sleek business card or revamping your blog's aesthetics, these fonts add a touch of elegance while ensuring readability. Config Rounded is not just a font bundle; it's an engine that enables creativity.

Details & Features

  • 20 unique typefaces
  • Feature bold and rounded designs
  • Included 8 stylistic sets with alternate characters
  • Perfect for professional and business designs
  • Enhanced readability
  • Allows extensive customization
  • Versatile for different design requirements

Why We Like It

Config Rounded is a bundle of creativity, flexibility, and sophistication. The sheer variety and stylistic options it provides are stellar. Furthermore, its compatibility with numerous design scenarios, from professional presentations to personal blog aesthetics, makes it a versatile tool in every designer's toolkit. We love it for its ability to meet a range of design demands while epitomizing modern style.