Creative & Study Laptop Mockup

It creates a real-life environment with a backdrop of a study.

The Creative & Study Laptop Mockup kit is the perfect tool for artists, web and graphic designers or anyone looking to showcase their design in an aesthetically pleasing manner. It creates a real-life environment with a backdrop of a study. The scene has a desk and books that you can customize, making it ideal for those looking to highlight their creative work.

Each Mockup kit comes with four styled stock mockups. Among these are layered PSD files, each elegantly crafted by keeping designers and artists in mind. The kit offers a smart-object feature empowering creators with an opportunity to seamlessly replace the current design with their own. Changing the present design or incorporating new design elements is as simple as a few clicks.

Another impressive aspect of this mockup kit is its attention to detail and versatility. The kit has been intuitively designed to ensure great results for both bright and dark designs. Every design that is translated through this mockup kit looks crisp thanks to the high resolution of 4500x3000 pixels and a setting of 300 DPI.

Details & Features

  • Easy editing via smart objects
  • Organized Layers and folders
  • Accommodates both bright and dark designs
  • Customizable background colors
  • Adjustable light setting
  • High resolution: 4500x3000px
  • 300 DPI quality

Why We Like It

What appeals to us about the Creative & Study Laptop Mockup kit is its ability to create real, tactile workspaces and its user-friendly design process. The combination of its high-resolution output and dynamic editing features makes it a highly valuable tool for any creative professional looking to showcase their work with sophistication and precision.