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Disctactor Font
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It's a font that truly offers character and impact.

The Distractor Font gives your projects a robust and tactile touch, bringing a unique and edgy aesthetic to your designs. As a hybrid of woodtype and letterpress font styles, it has a bold, distressed display- an ideal choice for making statement headlines. Based loosely on Bevan, it comes with its own distinct touch.

The font's charm is inspired by old letterpress styles and hand printed lettering, echoing the resonance of a bygone era. The love for the hand printed, worn ink style shines through, infusing your designs with a nostalgic yet contemporary texture. It's a perfect choice for designs aiming to evoke a rustic, vintage vibe.

An extensive font, Distractor includes uppercase, lowercase, and numbers. It has recently been updated to accommodate western and central European characters, with a few more punctuation marks added, bringing the count to about 280 glyphs. The font is available in OTF and ttf formats to offer maximum compatibility.

Details & Features

  • Hybrid Woodtype and Letterpress Font
  • Distressed and Bold Display
  • Inspired by Old Letterpress Styles
  • Includes Uppercase, Lowercase, and Numbers
  • Incorporates western and central European characters
  • Includes additional punctuation marks
  • Available in OTF and ttf Formats

Why We Like It

We love the Distractor Font for its unique blend of the old and new, making it a versatile tool for different design projects. Its textured and vintage feel, paired with an extensive glyph range, caters to a variety of aesthetic needs while maintaining readability. It's a font that truly offers character and impact.