Dreamy Days Portrait Lightroom Presets

Dreamy Days Portrait Lightroom Presets adds a touch of magic to your outdoor portrait photos.

Dreamy Days Portrait Lightroom Presets adds a touch of magic to your outdoor portrait photos. This well-crafted, versatile range of 11 presets is compatible with both the Lightroom mobile and desktop apps. Turn any ordinary shoot into a set of high-quality, stunning, dreamlike images by simply pressing a button, and get set to impress.

To keep your options open and your creativity flowing, the presets come with a variety of filters and effects. From unique colors and hues to light tones, these presets can substantially lift the visual appeal of your photos. With non-destructive technology, you get to elevate your photos' aesthetics while ensuring the original quality remains untouched.

Not just the visuals, even the functionality of this pack is designed for ultimate user comfort. Every preset is easy to adjust and edit, providing you with the flexibility to customize according to your vision and taste. Whether you are capturing fashion or family moments, Dreamy Days presets ensure you always have the professional edge.

Details & Features

  • Includes 11 distinct presets
  • Compatible with Lightroom mobile and desktop apps
  • Offers unique color and tone filters
  • Works in a non-destructive way to preserve original quality
  • Each preset is fully editable
  • Ideal for portrait, bloggers, fashion, and outdoor photos
  • Included templates, Photoshop action files and readme files

Why We Like It

The Dreamy Days Lightroom Presets exceed expectations in enhancing photographs with a dreamy touch. Its versatility, ease-of-use, and exceptional range of filters make it a must-have for anyone seeking to create compelling portraits. Whether you're a professional or amateur, this collection lets your creativity flow effortlessly while delivering professional results.