Hungry Chalk Typeface

Hungry Chalk Typeface
Posters, logos, lettering, etc.

Meet Hungry Chalk Typeface, the creative graphic asset that brings a deliciously funky vibe into the world of design. Perfectly tailored for those with a sense of fun and a taste for the unconventional, this font stands out with its unique chalkboard look, instantly adding playfulness to any project. Delightfully quirky, yet professional, Hungry Chalk complements any creative vision with its handmade aesthetic.

HungryChalk is not just a font, it's a muse, inspired by countless menu boards spotted in cozy coffee shops around the globe. Effectively appealing to the chalkboard trend, it serves as an ideal tool for establishments that manifest an artistic flair. Posters, logos, lettering, etc. bearing this font usher in a friendly, artisan atmosphere. It also comes equipped with a dash of chilling extras, stamping this font with undeniable versatility and style.

HungryChalk is not just a one-note asset; it comes in three distinct, yet equally appealing styles. To cater to all your design needs, it also includes some extra PNG graphics. Ready to add some zest to your designs? Then it's time to explore the world of HungryChalk Typeface.

Details & Features

  • Unique and playful chalkboard style
  • Handmade aesthetic
  • Inspired by cafe menu boards
  • Ideal for logos, posters and lettering
  • Comes in three different styles
  • Includes extra PNG graphics
  • Highly versatile and visually striking

Why We Like It

We love the HungryChalk Typeface for its distinctive charm that effortlessly adds character to any design. Its versatility coupled with its fun, handmade style makes it an invaluable asset for creative projects. Plus, the included extra PNG graphics are a welcome bonus, giving you endless possibilities in the world of design.