I’m Blogger 50 Lightroom Presets

This means your summer exploits can be more vivid and instantly memorable.

The 'I'm Blogger 50 Lightroom Presets' is an exceptional bundle designed explicitly for graphic designers, bloggers, and social media enthusiasts. The bundle comprises 50 unique Lightroom presets, made for effectively enhancing your various photos including fashion, outdoor, travel, and portrait, among others, with a few simple clicks.

Some presets are tailored for specific situations, making your photos of sunny days, streets, food, fashion, and travels standout. This means your summer exploits can be more vivid and instantly memorable. Each preset is neatly categorised like 'Blogger 1 - Tanned Skin' for a sun-kissed tan effect or 'Blogger 14 - Grey City' for a melancholy urban vibe.

The bundle makes use of Lightroom's .lrtemplate files, and you will receive a zip file containing all 50 presets once purchased. Included in the package is a help text and jpg file, guiding you on how to navigate and use the presets for optimal results.

Details & Features

  • 50 unique Lightroom presets
  • Presets suitable for diverse photo types (fashion, food, travel, etc.)
  • Designed for various moods and effects
  • Includes help text and jpg file
  • Easy to use and install .lrtemplate files
  • Each preset is neatly categorized
  • Great for social media, blogging, and graphic design

Why We Like It

We recommend the 'I'm Blogger 50 Lightroom Presets' because it's perfect for those seeking to add professional and eye-catching edits to their photos without much hassle. Its diverse collection of presets ensures there's something for every type and mood of photo, easily making your shots standout in a bustling social media scene.