Imprimo Letterpress Font

Imprimo Letterpress Font
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Its vintage appeal does not undermine its versatility.

Experience nostalgia and add a dash of vintage charm to your text with the Imprimo Letterpress Font. Inspired by the charm of old world printmaking, the Imprimo Font is an uppercase sans-serif typography tool that exudes personality. With its detailed yet bold style, it works exceptionally well for titling.

Designed by Mint Pixels, the Imprimo Font manages both functionality and aesthetics effortlessly. Its distinctive distressed design and decorative typography make it an attractive option for those wanting to make a noteworthy typographic statement. It is not only aesthetically pleasing but also versatile with textured and solid styles available.

The Imprimo Letterpress Font is presented in the OTF file format which makes it highly compatible and easy to install. Its vintage appeal does not undermine its versatility. It is an interesting blend of whimsy and practicality that will bring any text to life.

Details & Features

  • Decorative sans-serif font
  • Exceptional for titling
  • Two styles: textured and solid
  • Designed by Mint Pixels
  • OTF file format
  • Distressed design
  • Bold and distinctive

Why We Like It

We recommend the Imprimo Letterpress Font for its perfect balance of charming vintage appeal and practical design. This unique font manages to stand out and blend in all at once, proving to be an effective tool for titling. Providing both solid and textured styles gives it additional versatility.