Jelly Party Font

Jelly Party Font
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We love how it effortlessly combines playfulness and professionalism!

Introducing JELLY PARTY, the new charming and electrifying font duo set to bring an element of fun to your design ideas! Perfectly playful, brilliantly unique, adorable yet versatile, JELLY PARTY is designed to unlock a world of creativity for its users.

Want to add a dash of uniqueness to your design? Look no further as JELLY PARTY offers a distinct combination of a line and regular version, making sure that your creations are nothing short of unique and fun. Whether it's for a playful summer flyer or a whimsical invitation card, this font duo has got you covered!

Stay ahead in the design world with JELLY PARTY! This font duo goes the extra mile not just in aesthetics, but also in functionality. It supports uppercase, lowercase, numeric, symbols, and even multiple languages. In short, JELLY PARTY is here to ensure that your designs are nothing short of remarkable.

Details & Features

  • Includes Uppercase
  • Supports lowercase
  • Numeric enabled
  • Symbols supported
  • Language versatile with multilingual support
  • 2 versions : Regular and Line
  • Files included: Jelly Party Regular OTF, TTF, WOFF, Jelly Party Line OTF, TTF, WOFF

Why We Like It

JELLY PARTY is more than just a playful font. Its uniqueness and versatility make it a great asset for any designer. Its detailed functionalities, coupled with its creative aesthetic, guarantee to give your designs a fresh and attractive look. We love how it effortlessly combines playfulness and professionalism!