K-Pop Mood Lightroom Preset

The tool ensures fine-tuning and professional results with skin tone protection.

The K-Pop Mood Lightroom Preset is all you need to add that hip and vibrant touch embodying the essence of Korean pop drama into your digital content. With 20 unique presets spread over four distinct themes - ice cream, motel, vice, and wild west, you have the chance to infuse dynamic energy into your images and videos. It is the perfect accessory to adapt the fun, contemporary vibe of the viral K-Pop culture in your artistic pursuits, giving you a chance to stand out.

This terrific package offers comprehensive compatibility across Lightroom - both for desktop and mobile, Capture One profiles and a variety of video LUTs. The idea is to color grade your clips and snaps reminiscent of sizzling K-pop music videos. It is particularly optimized for fashion and streetwear photography and music video production, turning your regular visuals into edgy, sensational work of art.

One doesn’t have to worry about technical skills while using this set of presets. The tool ensures fine-tuning and professional results with skin tone protection. While ensuring speed-optimized editing, it does not touch your image's white balance or exposure settings, keeping the natural essence intact.

Details & Features

  • 20 unique Lightroom presets
  • Four diverse themes - ice cream, motel, vice, and wild west
  • Standard compatibility across Lightroom mobile & desktop, Capture One, and various video LUTs
  • Specialized for music videos and fashion/streetwear photography
  • Comes with built-in opacity slider for fine-tuning
  • Features skin tone protection for professional results
  • Speed-optimized for faster, mobile editing

Why We Like It

What makes the K-Pop Mood Lightroom Preset a real game-changer is its power to turn your digital content to match the electrifying world of K-Pop. The ease of use, the enhancing features and particularly its compatibility with almost all editing software gives it a competitive edge. It reflects the perfect harmony of creativity and function, making it a must-have for all amateur and professional artists out there.