Land of Fear Font

Land of Fear Font
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Its letters are bold and daringly designed in varied angles and widths.

Land Of Fear - Street Type by ikiiko is a unique street brush font that brings the pulse of the urban environment to life on the page. Hand-drawn and expertly crafted, this font boasts an edginess that mirrors the rough charm of city streets. It looks as if each letter was hastily graffiti-scratched with a burly brush, giving it an authentic, gritty feel.

Its letters are bold and daringly designed in varied angles and widths. This spontaneous arrangement of strokes breathes vitality and life into your content and leaves an impression of youthful dynamism. Despite its rough exterior, the font carries an inherent spirit that whispers to the young, wild, and free.

Land Of Fear isn't just a font; it's a mode of self-expression. It's a great addition to an extreme sports poster, a splash of energy for a fashion brand, or a radical text overlay for any background image. This typeface can even deliver street vibes in a magazine layout or encapsulate urban style in a short powerful quote.

Details & Features

  • Uppercase & Lowercase
  • Numbers & Punctuation
  • Alternates & Ligature
  • Multilingual Support
  • Available in TTF & OTF formats
  • Compatible with both PC & Mac

Why We Like It

Land of Fear doesn't simply convey a message; it tells a vivid, engaging story. Its designers have successfully imbued the urban edge and vitality into this font, making it a captivating way to communicate. Its versatility across different mediums and platforms, plus its unique style, makes it a highly recommended asset.