Lifestyle & Fashion Brochure Template

Lifestyle & Fashion Brochure Template
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This chic trifold brochure template is a statement on its own.

This chic trifold brochure template is a statement on its own. It's presented in a square layout that effortlessly stands out, making it not only aesthetically pleasing but also suitable for varied creative pursuits. Whether you're an upcoming fashion designer or a seasoned photographer, this template offers a striking canvas for your masterpieces. Available in both Word and InDesign formats, customization is just a few clicks away!

The flexibility of this brochure template allows it to adapt to your unique requirements. It can be your portfolio, your spotlight for the latest fashion collection, or your avenue to share breathtaking photographs. This multipurpose trifold is an excellent choice for anyone craving a blend of elegance and style in showcasing their work.

The strength of this layout doesn't stop at the design; it extends to the finer details that enhance its usability. The template offers compatibility with both Adobe InDesign and MS Word, and it incorporates free font use. The guide enables users to navigate the template without hassle and achieve amazing results!

Details & Features

  • A convenient size of 20cm x 20cm
  • A layered template for easy editing
  • Print-ready format
  • Compliant with both Adobe InDesign & MS Word
  • Use of free fonts
  • A helpful user guide

Why We Like It

The clean, minimalist design speaks volumes. The high-quality graphics create an easily readable and comprehensible layout while the elegant design adds a touch of sophistication. This brochure doesn't just impress; it makes a statement! Whether it's fashion or photography, this brochure undoubtedly showcases the beauty of your creations in the most flattering way.