Lolitta French Font

Lolitta French Font
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Meet Lolitta, a bold and playful display font that adds a dash of joy and vitality to any project. Inspired by strong, assertive marker strokes, this font makes a statement that’s both eye-catching and memorable. Ideal for a range of applications, Lolitta brings character and style in abundance to any text, print, branding or signage.

Lolitta is an incredibly versatile font that comes in OTF, TTF and WOFF formats. But that’s not all. It also features a swash option, providing an extra flourish to your designs. To top it off, Lolitta offers comprehensive multilingual support, ensuring your message reaches a broad audience, regardless of language barriers.

The strong style of Lolitta is also balanced by flexibility. With optimal characters designed for any layout, Lolitta is not just about making a statement—it’s about bringing your designs to life in the most elegant and effective way possible.

Details & Features

  • Available in OTF, TTF and WOFF formats
  • Includes Lolitta Swash for additional styling
  • Ligature features for unique design options
  • Broad multilingual support
  • Supports English, French, Albanian, Croatian, Czech, German, Hungarian, Polish, Slovak, Slovenian & Zulu languages
  • Optimal characters for versatile layouts

Why We Like It

Lolitta is not just a font—it’s a statement of joy and confidence. Its bold and strong style can inject personality into any design, while its versatility ensures it’s a perfect fit every time. With multilingual support and various formats, Lolitta caters to a broad and diverse range of design needs.