Macbook PRO Mockup Front & Top Views

Macbook PRO Mockup Front & Top Views
Another element that adds to the richness of this product is the color offerings.

The MacBook Pro mockup set is a sophisticated solution for those wishing to display their digital designs in a practical, yet stylish, manner. Offering two different scenes, this flexible tool allows users to exhibit their work from both front and top viewing angles, enabling a comprehensive perspective of their designs.

Simple to customize, the Macbook Pro mockup shines with its compatibility with PSD file format. This means that you can easily adapt the mockup to suit your specific needs and personal preferences. In essence, you gain a versatile resource for displaying your work professionally and compellingly without effort.

Another element that adds to the richness of this product is the color offerings. Original silver or space gray, you have the flexibility to choose the look and feel that best complements your design work. Plus, it comes with a wallpaper included, adding an extra layer of aesthetic appeal to your presentation.

Details & Features

  • Two different scenes - front and top view angles
  • Easy to customize with PSD file format
  • Original silver and Space Gray Color options
  • Clay changeable colors for an extra layer of customization
  • Wallpaper included to enhance aesthetic presentation

Why We Like It

What we particularly applaud about the MacBook Pro mockup is its simplicity and elegance. It offers versatility in presentation, easy customization, and a dash of style with color choices and included wallpaper. A valuable resource for any designer who desires to display their work professionally and impressively.