Medical Tri-Fold Template


This is a stylish and modern brochure design that has been specifically created for medical businesses. However, this versatile template can also be used for other editorial contents.

The brochure features a clean and professional layout with ample space for text, images, and graphics. The use of bold headings and subheadings, along with a well-chosen color scheme, helps to draw attention to important information and make it easily readable.

Features of This Brochure

  • 20cm x 20cm size
  • Vector based, layered
  • Print ready
  • IDML & INDD files
  • Free fonts
  • Help file

Why We Like It

We like this template for is its flexibility. While it has been designed for medical businesses, it can be easily adapted to suit other industries or purposes. For example, it could be used by a photographer to showcase their work, or by a designer to promote their services.