Micro Grids Seamless Pattern

Micro Grids Seamless Pattern
These patterns aren't restricted to one or two uses.

Micro Grids is an exciting assortment of intricate micro patterns with a distinct, futuristic aesthetic. Detailed and meticulously rendered, these small-scale patterns make a bold impact, particularly when incorporated into a design project. Imagine these tiny techno-inspired designs breathing life into everything from packaging to social media banners and everything in between.

Ever wanted your stationery or invitations to stand out from the crowd? Micro Grids make it possible. This set goes above and beyond with high-resolution JPGs capable of poster-sized proportions. With resolution sizes reaching 2700 pixels and up, these designs can not only accommodate your smaller projects but can be effortlessly transitioned into larger ventures such as wall art or fabric prints.

Whether it's for gift wraps, notebook covers or digital usage like blog headers and Instagram posts, Micro Grids can adorn them with a unique edge. These patterns aren't restricted to one or two uses. Instead, they extend to photo layering, masking, and even within typographic designs, unleashing your imagination's limit.

Details & Features

  • High-tech, intricate micro patterns
  • Perfect for packaging, cards, gift wrap and more
  • Optimized for social media banners, posts, and blog headers
  • Includes 6 high-resolution JPGs (2700 px and up)
  • Allows for creative use in photo layering and masking, and within typographic designs
  • Suitable for use in stationery and collage
  • Adaptable for large scale prints like posters and fabric

Why We Like It

Micro Grids is a testament to the beauty of details. The care and attention given to each design translate into an exquisite, versatile set of patterns, making it a go-to resource for designers. What truly sets it apart is the seamless flexibility to use across print and digital mediums, making it a valuable addition to any design toolkit.