Minimal Poster & Flyer Mockup

Minimal Poster & Flyer Mockup
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We admire the extensive range of frames, colors, and poster styles.

The Minimal Poster & Flyer Mockup is an astonishing template destined to showcase your unique poster designs. Offering an array of four distinctive frame designs, two frame colors, and twelve varying backgrounds it's a toolkit affording you countless possibilities. Express yourself through not one, but eight different poster styles, ranging from trendy wrinkled to nostalgic old.

The mockup boasts of a plethora of features that aim to elevate your design experience. With four different new poster mockup frames in sleek black and gray, you can effortlessly adapt the design to suit your aesthetic. The handy feature of two frame colors empowers you to impress with originality. Enjoy its twelve distinct and captivating backgrounds that are sure to make your design stand out.

This versatile mockup offers eight varied poster styles, from the charm of folded to the grunge of old, seamlessly catering to your design needs. The template offers an all-in-one PSD for easy selection and quick design changes. To top it all is a single PSD file to keep your designs organized and the document size of W 1200 x H 1500 ensures crisp, quality printing.

Details & Features

  • 4 different New Poster Mock up frames in black and gray
  • 2 easily customizable frame colors
  • 12 diverse backgrounds
  • 8 varied poster styles – folded, wrinkled, old etc.
  • All-in-one PSD for easy selection
  • 1 organized PSD file
  • Document size w 1200 x H 1500

Why We Like It

We highly recommend the Minimal Poster & Flyer Mockup due to its remarkable versatility and user-friendly features. We admire the extensive range of frames, colors, and poster styles. The convenience of a single PSD file and high-resolution document size further heighten its appeal. Perfect for all creatives seeking to showcase their posters with unparalleled sophistication.