Modern Neon Brochure Template


This template is a stunning piece of design work that combines creativity with functionality. Its colorful and vibrant layout immediately captures the attention of the viewer and makes it an effective marketing tool. The square-shaped trifold design adds to its uniqueness, making it stand out from other conventional brochure designs.

It can be easily customized to fit any specific need or branding requirement. The template allows for easy changes to colors, text, backgrounds, and more. The compatibility of the template with InDesign CS4 and higher is an added advantage. The size, 20cm x 20cm, is also perfect for print media, ensuring that the final product looks professional and visually appealing.

Features of This Brochure

  • 20(w) × 20(h) in size
  • Paragraph & Character styles
  • Images, text & background on separate layers
  • Help file included
  • Compatible with Adobe Indesign CS4, CS5, CS5.5, CS6 &CC
  • Free fonts

Why We Like It

The combination of unique design, flexibility, and compatibility make it a great investment for for businesses, organizations, or individuals looking to create a visually stunning brochure that can effectively communicate their message.