Modern Real Estate Brochure Template


This brochure features a clean and modern design that highlights the most important information about the real estate property or service being offered. The layout is easy to follow, with sections for property description, photos, and contact information.

The template is fully customizable, which means that businesses can easily tailor the brochure to their specific needs. This includes changing the colors, fonts, and images used in the brochure, as well as adding or removing sections as necessary.

It’s also print-ready, which means that businesses can easily print and distribute physical copies of the brochure to potential clients. The template comes in a standard A4 size, but it can be resized to fit other dimensions as well.

Features of This Brochure

  • 16 custom pages
  • Print ready (300 dpi, CMYK)
  • A4 paper size format
  • Compatible with InDesign
  • Free fonts

Why We Like It

The brochure features a minimalist aesthetic that is both professional and eye-catching. It uses a muted color palette and simple typography, which allows the property photos and descriptions to take center stage. Overall, it’s a versatile and visually appealing template that is perfect for real estate businesses looking to market their properties or services.