Night Photo Lightroom Presets

This pack truly brings nocturnal spectacles to light.

This Night Photo Lightroom Presets bundle is your dream ticket to stunning nocturnal shots. Whether you're capturing cityscapes shimmering under artificial lights or someone special's starlit gaze, this pack contains 20 diverse one-click presets ready to infuse your imagery with nocturnal magic. Each preset is customized to enhance photogenic features under varying light conditions, taking midnight portraiture to the next level.

The versatility of this bundle sees it cater for a spectrum of moods and aesthetics. Each of the 20 presets is tailor-made for different photographic settings - be it an intimate portrait, the grandeur of city buildings, bustling streets, or mesmerizing sunsets. The pack also offers an array of tonalities, from the ethereal hues of "Dreams Color" and "Blue Toning", to the old-world charm of the "Old Effect".

The Night Photo Lightroom Presets pack comes in a convenient .lrtemplate format, ensuring seamless integration with your existing tools. This means that whether shooting RAW, NEF, DNG, JPG, or TIFF, these presets will work perfectly, helping you bring out the best in even the most challenging shots.

Details & Features

  • Includes 20 diverse Lightroom presets
  • Each preset is customizable and adaptable
  • Presets for different photographic settings and moods
  • Formats supported: RAW, NEF, DNG, JPG, TIFF
  • Delivers one-click enhancements
  • Available in .lrtemplate format for seamless integration
  • Comes with a helpful text and jpeg guide

Why We Like It

This Night Photo Lightroom Presets pack is absolutely central to creating remarkable night-time and low light photography. With just one click, pictures turn into magical memorabilia. We love its versatility, the ease of use, and especially the broad range of effects it offers. This pack truly brings nocturnal spectacles to light.