Oil Painting Photoshop Actions

It has been tested and proven to work on various Photoshop versions, reaffirming its reliability.

The Oil Painting Photoshop Actions add a whole new level of depth and creativity to your digital workspace. They cleverly emulate the textures and strokes of actual oil paint, effortlessly transforming your photos and graphics into beautiful, oil-painted replicas. Included within this pack are ten distinctly designed, painting-related effects that work to give each image a unique character.

The beauty of this tool is not only found in its unique capability to transform images into high-quality, vivid art pieces - it also lies within its ease of use and user-friendly design. Each action operates in a non-destructive way, ensuring the original image remains untouched while the results are nothing short of a ‘masterpiece’. This set is perfect for photographers, graphic designers and anyone with a love for art and creative expression.

Beyond its artistic functionalities, the Oil Painting Photoshop Actions also offer a lot in terms of usability and accessibility. The pack comes with an easy-to-follow instruction manual, aiding users in navigating its features. It has been tested and proven to work on various Photoshop versions, reaffirming its reliability. The power of oil painting is now just a click away with this innovative product.

Details & Features

  • Includes 10 different desired oil paint effects
  • Produces high-quality output for print and web media
  • Requires just one click to generate results
  • Comes with a useful instruction PDF
  • Employs a non-destructive workflow, leaving the original image intact
  • Compatible with Adobe Photoshop CS3 to CC (2017) versions
  • Each layer is fully editable, allowing for thorough customisation of effects

Why We Like It

What impresses us the most about the Oil Painting Photoshop Actions is its ingenious blend of creativity, convenience, and control. It essentially places the aesthetics and texture of oil painting within a user-friendly digital platform. This not only opens up a plethora of artistic possibilities, but also grants users the ability to manipulate the various layers and customize the effects as per their artistic vision.