Omnivorous Font

Omnivorous Font
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That it also includes an Ornamental style is a delightful bonus.

With its Victorian-era inspiration, the Omnivorous decorative font effortlessly brings a touch of elegance and historical charm to your designs. Ideal for an array of applications, from letterheads to T-shirts and labels, it is an incredibly versatile typeface solution. This font pack opens up a world of creative possibilities post unzip of the OTF file.

Omnivorous Font comes with a diverse range of ten different font styles, each with its unique flair. The Bold and Italic versions offer a variety of aesthetics, from the assertive appeal of the Bold versions to the elegant slant of the Italic ones. Additionally, the Ornamental variant carries a distinct, decorative accent that could serve as a standout feature in your designs.

This typeface is easy to install, and if you encounter any issues, help is readily available to resolve them. Trust Omnivorous Font to add that much-desired Victorian touch to your work, effortlessly taking it to new creative heights.

Details & Features

  • Victorian-inspired decorative style
  • Easy to install OTF file format
  • Includes bold and italic versions
  • Distinct Ornamental font style for standout designs
  • 10 different and versatile font styles
  • Ideal for various applications such as letterheads, T-shirts and labels
  • Prompt help available for installation issues

Why We Like It

We love Omnivorous Font because it encapsulates a sense of historical opulence while maintaining versatile functionality. Offering easy installation and a range of ten different styles, it caters to various aesthetics and applications beautifully. That it also includes an Ornamental style is a delightful bonus.