Open Newspaper Mockup Template

Open Newspaper Mockup Template
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The bonus 100% Photoshop compatibility makes customizing a breeze.

The Open Newspaper Mockup Template is an innovative design asset from Envato Elements that offers an unprecedented amount of flexibility in showcasing your newspaper layout. This comprehensive template bundle includes five unique closeup angles, letting you display your publication in diverse settings. It is designed in high resolution (4000x2650px) to capture every detail, making it a feature-rich and truly premium tool for any design project.

Using this mockup template, you can easily put your design in an authentic newspaper setting. Thanks to its fully customizable layered PSD-file, you can change and adjust each layer as needed. With a 100% Photoshop format, it offers seamless integration with the graphic design software. Super accessible smart objects ease the process of placing your designs into the mockup template. A PDF 'readme' file is included, streamlining its use and making it even more user-friendly.

Offering both utility and versatility, this mockup template is an invaluable creative asset for anyone in the newspaper industry. By giving you the ability to diversify your presentation, it allows you to impress prospective clients and make a lasting impression. Its simplicity and ease of use make it an asset that definitely stands out from the crowd.

Details & Features

  • 5 Different PSD
  • Completely customizable mock-ups (Layered PSD-file)
  • Easy edit functionality
  • 100% Photoshop
  • High resolution: 4000x2650px
  • Different angles for diverse display
  • Easy to use with Smart Objects
  • Includes a helpful PDF 'readme' file

Why We Like It

We absolutely love the Open Newspaper Mockup Template for its sheer versatility and ease of use. The choice of five unique angles allows a comprehensive view of the design. The bonus 100% Photoshop compatibility makes customizing a breeze. High resolution ensures quality, while the smart objects function simplifies the design placement process. The PDF 'readme' file provides a user-friendly guide, making this an all-around design asset we'd recommend to all.