Pickup Truck Mockup Template

Pickup Truck Mockup Template
It lends endless possibilities with its smart-objects and masks features.

Now getting your dream wrap design on to a pickup truck is easier than ever! Use the Pickup Truck Mockup Template to bring your original truck branding designs to life. With an enigmatic full-frontal view of a pickup truck, this mockup gives you a unique platform to showcase your creativity.

The versatility of this mockup doesn't stop at the front side. It extends to the backside as well, providing a comprehensive illustration of your truck design. All you need to do is download the backside angle from here, ensuring no part of the truck is left unseen. This way, your designs can truly take center stage.

Apart from offering view angles, the Pickup 02 Mockup tool is all about customization. It lends endless possibilities with its smart-objects and masks features. This means you can conveniently add your design and even switch the color for most scene objects.

Details & Features

  • Full-frontal and backside views
  • Easy-to-change color options
  • Versatile scene objects
  • Smart-objects and masks
  • Fully customizable
  • Downloadable backside angle
  • Unique platform for showcasing designs

Why We Like It

What makes the Pickup Truck Mockup Template stand out is its utter simplicity and efficiency. Its smart features offer tremendous flexibility, empowering designers to experiment and iterate swiftly. Seamless customization combined with exceptional front and back displays bring your designs into full view, making this tool a fantastic choice.