Prestalgia 25 Retro Lightroom Presets

Adding a touch of nostalgia to your photos is an art form that can set your work apart.

Adding a touch of nostalgia to your photos is an art form that can set your work apart. The Prestalgia 25 Retro Lightroom Presets, brought to you by SparkleStock, sharpens the focus on the 'retro' artistry of photography. Discover 25 unique, fadeable colour grading presets that divert your portraits from the typical to the nostalgically breathtaking in just a simple click.

Uniquely a part of SparkleStock Prestalgia, the wide selection of retro Lightroom presets is not just a feature, but an experience. The presets range in five strengths from faint to vivid, offering you the flexibility to choose what's perfect for your shot. Rest assured that while using these enhancements, your original base settings remain untouched, retaining the genuine essence of your captures.

Modify, customize, experiment and explore. Prestalgia allows you to tweak the fade and contrast of your selected effects with the assistance of a 4-channel tone curve. Moreover, you can colour grade your videos within Lightroom, a feature that solidifies Prestalgia’s potency against its competition. It's also fully compatible with LR Toolkit, empowering you to amplify the presets, establish HDR appearances, intensify hues and do so much more.

Details & Features

  • 25 fadeable color grading presets
  • Presets come in five strengths from subtle to strong
  • Promises not to touch white balance or basic tonal settings
  • Customizable 4-channel tone curve
  • Compatible with video clips
  • Compatible with LR Toolkit
  • Effective on Adobe Lightroom 4, 5, 6, CC 2015 - 2017, and Lightroom Classic CC.

Why We Like It

Sprucing up your images with a retro flair couldn't be made easier. Prestalgia's presets offer versatility in nostalgic tones and stand impressively unique against regular Lightroom presets. Tweaking the strengths to match your preferences and knowing that it won’t disrupt your base settings is game-changing. We love it for its practicality, simplicity and the retro charm it infuses into every photo.