Read More Books – Seamless Pattern

Read More Books – Seamless Pattern
Most importantly, it creatively promotes a love for reading.

The Read More Books - Seamless Pattern, is a charming and engaging design that's peppered with delightful doodles of children engrossed in colourful books. This vibrant piece appeals to a sense of fun and curiosity, encouraging a love for reading among kids and adults alike. The details are lovingly hand drawn, infusing the pattern with warmth and care.

You receive both a vivid colour version and a classic black and white rendition, giving you versatility to choose a look suitable for various projects. Plus, with high-quality SVG, EPS, and JPG formats, this pattern offers stunning clarity and detail. An added bonus is the 90 PNG files, showing each child either with or without their book, providing an extra layer of personalization.

Having the ability to inspire and foster a love for reading, this playful pattern is as educational as it is enchanting. Beautifully composed, it’s also perfect for a variety of uses, from creating children’s room décor to designing promotional material for literacy campaigns.

Details & Features

  • Hand-drawn doodle pattern
  • Vibrant colour and black & white versions
  • High-resolution SVG, EPS, and JPG formats
  • Pattern dimensions: 6000 x 5600 pixels
  • 90 additional PNG files of each child
  • Files show each child with or without their book
  • Suitable for various uses

Why We Like It

We highly recommend the Read More Books - Seamless Pattern for its arresting visuals and charming depiction of kids engrossed in books. The hand-drawn attention to detail is endearing while the various formats offer versatility perfect for a wide range of applications. Most importantly, it creatively promotes a love for reading.