Realistic Business Card Mockup

Realistic Business Card Mockup
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Notably, its robust nature does not complicate its usage.

The Realistic Business Card Mockup is a modern tool that can revolutionize your presentation of business card designs. With this mockup, you gain the ability to creatively display your design works from various perspectives and angles to create an impressive digital portfolio. Housed within five different PSD files, it offers stunning representation in high resolution at 4500 x 3000 pixels.

The second iteration of the Photo Realistic Business Card Mockup, also known as the V2 Enterprise, particularly stands out for its easy adaptability to specific brand needs. An added advantage of this tool is the different, separate layer sets that allow customization of shade effects, backgrounds and so on. This feature gives designers incredible control, letting them tailor the presentation to finely match the brand's aesthetics. To aid understanding, a help file has been included with the mockup.

The mockup’s attention to detail and realistic results make it a vital component for any designer’s toolkit. Notably, its robust nature does not complicate its usage. The Smart Objects feature ensures that using this template remains straightforward, delivering satisfying photorealistic final designs.

Details & Features

  • 5 different PSD files
  • High resolution: 4500 x 3000 pixels
  • Variety of views and angles
  • Easy customization with Smart Objects
  • Separate layer sets for shadows, backgrounds and more
  • Photorealistic final results
  • Included help file

Why We Like It

The Realistic Business Card Mockup broadens a designer's horizon by allowing full control of business card presentation. Its adaptability, easy customization and high-resolution output set it apart. This resource is a valuable asset for professionals looking to refine their design presentation while maintaining ease of use.