Relica Trio Font

Relica Trio Font
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It has an innate ability to not just draw the attention of visitors, but truly capture it.

Relica Trio Font brings to life a perfect blend of modern artistic design and vintage appeal, making it a valuable tool for any artisanal creative project. The font family's attractive retro and outline options lend themselves particularly well to promotional and display uses, such as poster titles, logos, and labels. Added to this, the inclusion of web font versions extends its versatility across a range of platforms.

Drawing inspiration from the tactile world of food and bakery branding, Relica Trio Font’s rounded typeface is both appealing and evocative. The font is designed to be instrumental in creating compelling logotypes, branding, headlines and marketing graphics. It has an innate ability to not just draw the attention of visitors, but truly capture it. The proof of the font's versatility and design prowess lies in the examples provided above.

Relica Trio Font offers a single weight, three styles (Normal, Outline, Retro) and is compatible with multiple formats - OTF, TTF, and Web Fonts, namely EOT, SVG, TTF, WOFF, WOFF2. All these features are bundled into one comprehensive package, courtesy of Fontastica (formerly Unique Foundry) and distributed by Designova.

Details & Features

  • Three styles: Normal, Outline, Retro
  • Single weight font
  • Includes OTF and TTF formats
  • Web font versions provided (EOT, SVG, TTF, WOFF, WOFF2)
  • Inspired by food and bakery branding
  • Perfect for logos, labels, posters and headlines
  • Produced by Fontastica, distributed by Designova

Why We Like It

We recommend the Relica Trio Font because it delivers beautiful styling and professional versatility. With its modern-meets-retro design, it is ideal for an array of projects, retaining a unique charm regardless of the platform used. The additional offer of web font versions allows for seamless digital adaptations as needed.