Retrochrome Lightroom Presets

Retrochrome Lightroom Presets
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We highly recommend this set for its sheer adaptability and unique aesthetics.

Discover the charming world of vintage photography with the Retrochrome Lightroom Presets. Immerse your photos in a bygone era using this pack’s 17 distinct effects and style varieties. Ideal for newborn, family, and landscape shots; this kit comprises 7 unique base presets and 10 complementary variations.

The Retrochrome set contains 17 retro-toned presets, each meticulously crafted for Adobe Lightroom. Although best suited for family and portrait snaps, they add an indelible retro flair to any subject matter. These presets adapt to different shooting conditions and camera settings, ensuring a standout result regardless of your photo's base attributes.

While the Retrochrome presets deliver varied results depending on the photo's inherent attributes, they offer a plethora of predefined variations to cater to all photography settings. The bundle includes seven base Retrochrome presets with different color toning schemes and ten preset variations to match diverse lighting and equipment settings.

Details & Features

  • 17 Retrochrome Lightroom presets.
  • 7 base presets with unique color toning.
  • 10 preset variations for different lightings and camera settings.
  • Optimized for portrait, family, and landscape photography.
  • Compatible with Lightroom 4 and above, including CC.
  • Easy installation with included instructions.
  • Does not work in Photoshop.

Why We Like It

The Retrochrome Lightroom Presets effortlessly transform any modern photo into a vintage masterpiece. Its array of presets cater to a wide range of photo subjects and varied lighting conditions. This versatility, paired with its easy installation process, makes it a compelling choice for photographers looking to infuse retro charm into their photos. We highly recommend this set for its sheer adaptability and unique aesthetics.