Salliery Edgy Font

Salliery Edgy Font
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Introducing the edgy, striking Salliery Font.

Introducing the edgy, striking Salliery Font. Originally inspired by blackletter tattoo aesthetics, this font isn’t just versatile but boldly eye-catching, perfect for standing out in a crowd. With its distinctive razor-sharp strokes and gothic hues, it's ideally suited for logos, branding, or any project screaming for a unique, assertive touch.

Salliery Font features a thorough set of characters. This includes both lowercase and uppercase letters, numerals, punctuations, and even accented support for all your design needs. Whether it's a show-stopping headline or a bold logo, this font offers the dynamism to make your design dreams come alive.

In addition to its standard character set, Salliery also includes an Outline and Italic variant, giving you further flexibility in your design arsenal. Coupled with merchandise, apparel design, or stickers, Salliery transforms any ordinary project into an extraordinary one.

Details & Features

  • Blackletter tattoo-inspired aesthetics
  • Lowercase and Uppercase letters
  • Numeral support
  • Punctuation marks
  • Accented character support
  • Outline variant
  • Italic variant

Why We Like It

We're captivated by Salliery's unique edginess that allows it to command attention in any application. Its versatility across different designs, coupled with a complete set of characters and variants, makes it a designer's dream. Salliery Font is an assertive, adaptable and stylish choice that adds a bold character to any project.