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Samberia Font
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We highly recommend Samberia - it's irresistibly charming!

Discover the refreshing allure of Samberia, a vibrant Modern Script Font. Ideal for a host of applications, Samberia captures the essence of today's stylish calligraphy, making it a perfect fit for displays, wedding invitations, Valentine's Day themes, logotypes, and much more. Samberia mirrors modern trends yet maintains a unique personality of its own.

Samberia is truly a global font due to its multilingual accent. This fantastic feature hands you the key to unlocking creativity in multiple languages. From Latin to Scandinavian, ØÆøæ¢ÐŒœ and numerous others, this typeface ensures you never limit your design to just one language. An incredible way of using a font as a tool of cultural expression.

Samberia offers an array of amazing features, sufficient to cater to any design need. It impressively boasts uppercase, lowercase, numerics, punctuations, and PUA Encode characters, while embracing the wonders of multilingualism and the sophistication of Opentype. All features are finely encapsulated in the included .Otf and .Ttf files.

Details & Features

  • Uppercase
  • Lowercase
  • Numerics
  • Punctuation
  • Multilingual
  • PUA Encode
  • Opentype
  • Included .Otf and .Ttf files

Why We Like It

From its modern calligraphy inspiration to the ton of features it packs, Samberia is a designer's dream. Its versatility reflects in its suitability for various themes and its multicultural potential. The font's rounded yet sharp edges also add an element of sophistication. We highly recommend Samberia - it's irresistibly charming!