Savaro Elegant Vintage Typeface

Savaro Elegant Vintage Typeface
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Its elegant design, combined with a vintage touch, sets it apart.

Introducing Savaro, a typeface that effortlessly marries modern aesthetics with a vintage charm. Ideal for those seeking a font with a sophisticated finesse, Savaro is the epitome of elegance. This design takes inspiration from the refinement of luxury brands, making it an exceptional choice for a wide range of creative tasks.

Savaro Typeface comes in two distinctive styles - regular and spurs; each offering a unique personality to your designs. This font is brimming with an array of alternate stylistic characters and swashes that assist in adding a layer of character and individuality to your work. It stands out in its flexibility and adaptability, suitable for applications in branding, logos, packaging, and more.

With a strong focus on style and adaptability, Savaro is not restricted to a single function. Its versatility makes it perfect for a wide array of applications, including invitations, quotes, t-shirts, labels, name cards, badges, posters, and vintage design projects. Enhance your projects with the visually delightful and stylistically abundant Savaro Typeface.

Details & Features

  • Consists of 2 styles: Regular and Spurs
  • Offers mix of alternates, stylistic characters, and swashes
  • Suitable for luxury brand related designs
  • Perfect for vintage design projects
  • Enables an array of applications: logos, posters etc.
  • Useful in making stylish designs

Why We Like It

Savaro Typeface is highly versatile, satisfying various aesthetic and functional needs. Its elegant design, combined with a vintage touch, sets it apart. We admire the variety it offers with two styles, multiple stylistic characters, and swashes. We love Savaro for its capacity to blend adaptability with timeless sophistication.