Scarlet Fantasy Lightroom Presets

The exceptional quality and striking end result make it highly recommended.

Enhance your fashion and portrait photos with the sophisticated Scarlet Fantasy Lightroom Presets bundle. This quality package includes an array of 15 Lightroom presets, geared to deepen the natural lighting in every shot and instill that enchanting, fantasy-like aura. There are 5 primary toning presets and 11 additional variations to augment saturation, contrast, and exposure.

This Scarlet Fantasy Lightroom Presets collection was meticulously designed for portrait, fashion, and fine-art projects. These masterly crafted presets produce a distinctive, fantasy toning effect. With their capacity to add a vivid fantasy tone and instill an ambient, moody atmosphere, these presets make every photograph come alive, emitting a unique and polished aesthetic.

Notably, this bundle is compatible with Lightroom 4 and higher, including CC 2015. A small warning: These are Lightroom-exclusive presets and will not function with Photoshop. Fear not, even if you're new to Lightroom, the set comes with a handy, straightforward guide for installation and usage.

Details & Features

  • 15 unique Lightroom presets
  • 5 essential toning presets: Original, Cold, Warm, Warm 2 & Sepia
  • 11 preset variations for saturation, contrast, and exposure
  • Specifically designed for natural light portraits, fashion, and fine-art
  • Compatible with Lightroom 4 and higher, including CC 2015
  • User-friendly installation and usage instructions included
  • Expertly developed by Presetrain Co. and Alexander Kuzmin Photography

Why We Like It

In our opinion, the Scarlet Fantasy Lightroom Presets bundle is an invaluable tool for photographers seeking to add a unique, fantastical aura to their work. It has a wide variety of presets to increase versatility and creativity, and the easy-to-follow guide makes installation and usage hassle-free. The exceptional quality and striking end result make it highly recommended.