Scribble Animated Handwriting Font for After Effects

There's no need to drag each letter individually into the timeline.

The Scribble Animated Handwriting Font for After Effects is a creatively designed tool that will breathe life into your videos. This hand-drawn looking font is full of lighthearted fun, making it excel for projects in the education industry or for explainer videos. The fresh and casual animation in the font gives a more informal and lighthearted approach to learning and understanding.

With multiple applications such as cartoon animations, playful titles, intros or greeting cards, and lower thirds, this animated typeface is a fantastic tool for creating engaging content. The letters offer a slow-paced animation, allowing for easy adjustment to writing speed without quality loss. The quirky stop-motion-like wiggle effect can be easily toggled on and off.

The key strength of Scribble Animated Handwriting Font lies in its practicality and simplicity. There's no need to drag each letter individually into the timeline. With the included “EasyType” script, writing directly into a textbox lets you import all the required compositions at the click of a button. A handy video tutorial is there to guide you on working with the template and script.

Details & Features

  • Available for CS5 and above
  • Easy one-click solution with the included script
  • No plugins required
  • Easy controls
  • Videotutorial included
  • Based on the free font Amatic SC
  • Compose text in a textbox, not through dragging individual letters

Why We Like It

We recommend the Scribble Animated Handwriting Font for its ability to inject fun and playfulness into your productions. Its user-friendly interface greatly simplifies complex editing, and we love its versatility across various types of videos. The handwriting effect creates a personal touch that makes content more relatable and engaging, and the customizable speed is just the cherry on top.