SeaWire Figma Wireframe Kit for Websites

It takes basic design process to a whole new level of ease and efficiency.

The SeaWire Figma Wireframe Kit for Websites is a comprehensive collection of wireframing templates meant to speed up and streamline your web design processes. The kit includes over 200 content blocks spread across 15 categories, allowing for a wide range of customization options and design styles. The templates are ready for adaptation and include six pre-made landing page layouts for user convenience.

The recent 1.1 version delivers additional goodies to aid your creative process. Four new categories have been added – 'About Us', 'Timeline', 'Comments', and 'How It Works' – in combination with more than 50 fresh design patterns, demonstrating a consistent evolution to improve design systems and maintain an even design quality across the kit.

SeaWire is more than a wireframe kit. It steps up as a useful resource for not just wireframing, but also for creating impactful landing pages and detailed prototypes. Leave behind the tedious task of sketching manual wireframes on paper and upgrade your workflow with SeaWire, which boasts six pre-made landing pages, along with 200 pre-packaged layouts from 15 of the most in-demand categories.

Details & Features

  • Exclusively designed for Figma
  • Incorporation of Google Fonts
  • Utilizes 8 px soft grid for visual hierarchy
  • Highly organized components
  • All colors can be easily modified with the color Styleguide
  • Text style modification is simplified with Typography Styleguide
  • Well-arranged layers and groups

Why We Like It

We highly recommend the SeaWire Figma Wireframe Kit for its ability to fast-track website design. It's not merely a wireframe kit, but a comprehensive tool for creating landing pages and prototypes. With added categories, design patterns, and organized components, it is an impressive blend of versatility, range, and functionality. It takes basic design process to a whole new level of ease and efficiency.