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Southea Font
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Southea is a versatile display font with a distinctive winter and festive vibe.

Southea is a versatile display font with a distinctive winter and festive vibe. This winter monoline font comes in two styles - regular and display - giving users versatile options for embarking on various design projects. It’s an appealing mix of simplicity and elegance, offering a special flair to any design it's incorporated in.

Highly sought-after for its seasonal essence, Southea fits perfectly with winter and Christmas themed artworks. From creating striking banner designs to captivating book covers, to t-shirt branding and more, Southea leaves an impression. Its compatibility with social media posts and handwritten quotes gives it a dynamic edge that's well-loved by both casual and professional users.

What sets Southea apart is its user-friendly file package. With included files in .otf, .ttf, and .woff formats, Southea ensures compatibility across different platforms. The Southea and Southea-display provide a broad foundation for creative exploration, making it a top choice for a diverse catalogue of design projects.

Details & Features

  • Winter monoline display font
  • Includes 2 styles: regular and display
  • Perfect for winter and Christmas theme designs
  • Great for banners, book covers, t-shirt branding
  • Compatible with .otf, .ttf, .woff file formats
  • Diversity in application, from social media posts to handwritten quotes
  • Created by Attype Studio

Why We Like It

We recommend Southea font for its stylish yet simple charm that awakens a delightful winter wonderland feeling. It's flexible for various mediums and offers easy usability with multiple file formats. Southea’s dual-style feature opens up a creativity sandbox, making any design project an exciting adventure.