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Splatter Collection
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Add an edgy, grungy aesthetic to your digital creations with the Splatter Collection.

Add an edgy, grungy aesthetic to your digital creations with the Splatter Collection. This set of 40 diverse vector splatter brushes for Illustrator is your shortcut to creating striking textures and eye-catching visual effects. Make a bold statement without the mess, all from the convenience of your digital platform.

Crafted with care, each brush in the Splatter Collection brings the tactile quality of paper right to your designs. These versatile tools were made with a spray on paper, then scanned, traced, and polished. This means every spray, splash, and splatter carries the irregular charm of a handmade element — authenticity, without the hassle.

These brushes do more than just add texture; they're a valuable addition to your creative arsenal. Whether you're noise-layering your shapes, building atmosphere in your images, or detailing with specks and splashes, the Splatter Collection elevates your artworks in unique, tangible ways. Requires Illustrator CC to work their full, unconventional magic.

Details & Features

  • 40 Splatter Brushes, versatile in form and effect.
  • Vector-based brushes, scalable infinitely without quality loss.
  • Authentically created with spray on paper.
  • Each brush is scanned, traced and polished to perfection.
  • Adds unique textures and grungy elements.
  • Perfect for layering noise or creating atmosphere.
  • Requires Illustrator CC.

Why We Like It

If you're an illustrator with a love for the imperfect beauty of grunge, you'll adore the Splatter Collection. It's the hybrid child of handcraft and digitization, blending the charm of handmade splatters with the convenience of a digital tool. Each brush is a unique artwork in itself, ramping up the individuality and authenticity of your creations.