Sputnik Typeface

Sputnik Typeface
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Its standout feature, however, is its recommendation for use in red.

The Sputnik Typeface takes its design influence from vintage propaganda posters, bringing a robust and nostalgic essence to any design project. Perfect for making a striking statement on posters, website headers, or even social media posts, this font is designed to capture attention and provoke thought with its rich historical ties.

Extracted from the visual language of the Soviet Union's propaganda posters, the Sputnik Typeface furnishes a unique vibe to English lettering, numbers, and simple punctuation. The typeface also provides alternate versions for some uppercase letters, adding welcome variety and flexibility for designers. Its four distinct styles cater to different moods and messages, offering stylistic versatility that enhances design potential.

Its standout feature, however, is its recommendation for use in red. The designers have engineered the typeface to shine in this striking hue, bringing an additional layer of vibrancy and emphasis to the communication piece. The Sputnik Typeface invites you to explore a world where history meets typography, with a design distinctly crafted for impact.

Details & Features

  • Inspired by vintage USSR propaganda posters
  • Includes uppercase English letters, numbers and simple punctuation
  • Provides alternate versions for some uppercase letters
  • Available in four distinct font styles
  • Particularly impactful when used in red
  • Perfect for use on posters, website headers, and social media posts

Why We Like It

The Sputnik Typeface infuses designs with a unique blend of history and modernity. We appreciate the versatility it offers across four styles, the flexibility of alternate letters, and the striking impact it achieves in red. It is an ideal choice for bold, standout designs that seek to provoke thought and remembrance.