Vertical Photo & Poster Mockup

Vertical Photo & Poster Mockup
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This clearly shows how a good mockup can empower your creative journey.

The Vertical Photo & Poster Mockup offers a creatively minimal environment perfect for displaying and highlighting your artistic poster designs. Whether you are a graphic designer or a photographer, the layer vignetting and vintage curve features of the template grant your designs an authentic and captivating aesthetic. It's not only a tool but also a canvas that enhances your creativity and artistic expression.

This Photoshop mockup is designed for efficiency and ease of use. It utilizes Smart Objects, ensuring a quick copy-paste application of your designs and photographs into the mockup within seconds. With a large pixel document of 5,393 x 3,595, you can crop in for meticulous detail and a closer look at your artwork. This level of detail catered in the design allows you to get the most out of your presentation.

Authenticity is further emphasized with our features such as blurred reflections that automatically adjust along with your artwork. There's also the option to layer multiple one-click effects, such as vignetting, vintage curves, and different color tones for an original, custom look. All of these combined with a 3:2 ratio image frame, makes this mockup perfect for a myriad of different projects.

Details & Features

  • Creatively minimal design
  • Layer vignetting with vintage curve features
  • Smart Objects for easy design input
  • Large pixel document for close cropping
  • Auto-adjusting blurred reflections
  • Multiple one-click effects layers
  • 3:2 image ratio frame

Why We Like It

We love this Vertical Photo & Poster Mockup for its versatility, simplicity, and its ability to bring an authentic aesthetic to any design presented. It not only showcases your work but elevates and enhances it, making it perfect for creators who value both functionality and aesthetic appeal. This clearly shows how a good mockup can empower your creative journey.