Viking Base Font

Viking Base Font
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You can enjoy it in three digital formats: OTF, TTF, and WOFF.

Unleash the creative warrior within you with the Viking Base Font, a sans display font presented by Maulana Creative. Boasting bold strokes and fun characters that conjure images of grand Norse mythology, this font lends a unique charm to any project. Its ligatures and alternates add flair, pushing the boundaries of conventional design to ignite artistic innovation.

This masterpiece goes beyond aesthetics, embracing utility with its expansive language support. With more than 100+ multilingual capabilities, Viking Base Font captures the essence of global communication. It is suitable for various purposes, making it an excellent choice for logo design, movie and book titles, social media content, and even lengthy textual content.

The beauty of the Viking Base Font also lies in its versatility across different formats. You can enjoy it in three digital formats: OTF, TTF, and WOFF. This arrangement ensures maximum compatibility, allowing you to implement your breathtaking designs across various platforms without a hitch.

Details & Features

  • Bold strokes & fun characters
  • Ligatures & alternates for creativity
  • Support for 100+ multilingual languages
  • Suitable for logo design, titles, and textual content
  • Available in OTF, TFF, and WOFF formats
  • Created by Maulana Creative

Why We Like It

We recommend the Viking Base Font for its perfect blend of aesthetic appeal and functionality. This striking font quickly becomes a toolbox staple due to its versatility across myriad applications, from logos to book titles. Moreover, the expansive multilingual support ensures inclusive communication, making it a favorite amongst creators.