50 Fantastically Clever Logos

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I know everybody and their brother does logo roundups so you’re probably sick of them, but I don’t believe I’ve ever done one and there is a particularly impressive brand of logo design that I wanted to point out.

Today we’ll look at 50 logos that are the result of going beyond the typical thought process and injecting a little wit and hidden symbolism into the design process.

What Makes a Logo Clever?

To explain what I mean by “clever” logo design, let’s take a look at a typical logo, (i.e. one that isn’t clever).


The logo above is a nice piece of work. The colors are perfect, the lettering is masculine, the overall feel is athletic and the glossy effect works well. It’s everything that it needs to be.

However, my favorite type of logo design is that which takes the assignment one step further. Rather than just making something attractive, these designers look at the design process with a pinch of added intelligence and a perspective that skewed enough to see things differently than the rest of the world.

These types of logos make you smile at the brilliance of both the idea and the execution and have several layers of meaning that can hit you in waves. Some are amazing in their obviousness to all who see them and some find excellence in hidden secrets.

I’ve broken down this collection into three categories: visual double entendres (two things in one), word and character art, and ambigrams. Ambigrams definitely also fall into the word art category but I wanted to give them special recognition because they’re so difficult to pull off effectively (if you don’t believe me, try to make one!).

Visual Double Entendres

Lion Bird

If you stare straight at the bird’s feet for a second, a stunningly clear lion’s face emerges. Brilliant design!


Chad 2010

I love this one. There’s a sort of ribbon theme that makes both a face and the continent of Africa.



Simply beautiful use of negative space. The golfer and his swing double as a soldier’s face.



A tent and a pencil.



A pepper and a horn.



Green here is symbolized by a tree and labs is represented by the brain. That’s a sharp looking tree brain!



Another pencil idea very similar to the one above. This one is a parachute and a pencil.



A tongue and a leaf. A little creepy but a great idea!



The letter “G” and a guitar. Simple but effective.


Mr. Couch

This is definitely one of my favorites. The couch has cleverly been crafted to also be a face with a mustache. Excellent work!


Eco Pup

The dog’s ears are leaves. Sometimes subtle is better.



The open envelope creates a house shape.



The open book makes a tent. Not my favorite but it makes for a good visual read.


Australian Pork

This one makes me laugh. Australia has been turned into a pig’s snout!



The city skyline doubles as a row of cell phones.



I love that the shape of the hills genuinely matches the shape that cards make when you peak at them while they lie face down on the table.



This one goes on and on. The matches come together to make a heart. There are two of them (they match). Fire represents passion. etc. etc.



Ideas are often represented by lightbulbs. Turning the phrase “think tank” into a lightbulb tank was genius.



This one is an excellent piece of art. The rocket blasting off and leaving smoke trails clearly makes a guitar shape.



This one is simple but so incredibly effective. It looks like both a suitcase and a folded dress shirt with a tie. The latter really emphasizes the “suit” aspect and therefore represents professionalism.



Another really subtle double entendre. The hands on the clock make an airplane.



The buildings in the city skyline are all arrows pointing upward.


Country Living Dentistry

The white picket fence is a perfect picture of country life, here it’s been turned into a toothbrush to symbolize dentistry.


Push the Bottle

Another excellent use of negative space. The hand pushing a button makes the shape of a bottle. Notice how the fingers of the fist create the liquid in the bottle.



It’s amazing how little had to be added to make a pencil appear (just a triangle!). Some logo designers really have a gift for simple touches that change everything.


Spice Mountain

It definitely looks like both a mountain and a pile of spices.


Night Golf

Not only does the round shape of the golf ball reflect that of the moon, the little dips look like craters! A great visual simile.


Maritime Law

The logo says everything it needs to. Scales are a clear representation of law and justice and the bowls have been turned into boats to represent the maritime aspect.



This idea seems a little obvious but I’m sure it took a lot of tweaking to get to this point.


Antisocial Network

The sort of abstract skyline design is a cliche for community and has been transformed into a familiar hand gesture.



Another one of my favorites. The carrot has been beautifully crafted to make a rocket ship.



The car’s headlights make it look like a big nerd with glasses. Yet another example of the use of subtlety in wit.


Bananas Films

The film strips have been hung to mirror the shape of a group of bananas.


Food Writers

The negative space in the tip of the old style fountain pen has been turned into a spoon.


SparkPlug Creations

This is definitely not the best logo in the world, but the whole lightbulb spark plug idea is pretty clever.


Word and Symbol Art


The word fish has been crafted into the form of a fish. What more could you want in a logo?



A few simple typographic characters that perfectly represent the word below.



Coding is all about characters so it was perfect to build the fish out of typography.



The equality symbol has been slightly modified so that the bottom is shorter than the top; a perfect statement of inequality.


Fuel Quoter

The quote has been simply turned on its side and it looks remarkably like a gas pump.


Infinity Crime Studio

The symbol for infinity has been altered to look like pair of mischievous eyes.



If you’re at all familiar with music theory you know that an octave has eight notes (hence “oct”). Here the “o” and “c” have been stacked to make an eight.



The impressive part here is how naturally the word seems to make a face. It’s an excellent designer that makes complex ideas look effortless.



The two has been pushed over to look like an “n.” Since the word is “twins,” hiding a two in the logo was a great decision.


Upside Down

This one you have to stare at for a second to really appreciate. All the letters are upside down. The “w” is an “m”, the “d” is a “p”, etc.



The obvious solution was to make a spoon and a fork illustration. However, putting the ampersand in represents an extra step in the thought process that makes the idea really unique.



At first glance this logo says “brella.” Can you spot the other two letters?



In case you’ve never heard of them before, ambigrams are words or phrases that you can spin around 180 degrees and still read them. They often require quite a bit of work and thought in order to make them easily readable.


That sort of Old English look is definitely one of the styles you see the most with ambigrams. Notice how the “e” and “o” have been heavily transformed but still read well in the context of the word as a whole.



It’s not easy to create an “e” that still looks like an “e” when you spin it around. Well done.



This one feels like an ambigram, but as one astute commenter pointed out, it actually isn’t. The beginning “e” and ending “a” are the same, but the letters in between don’t work when flipped. Nice illusion regardless!



I hope the collection above isn’t just another “list post” but instead is a healthy dose of inspiration that encourages you to put a little thought into your logo creation process. When appropriate, consider how you can infuse something unique and witty to make the logo that much better.

Leave a link below and tell us your favorites. Also point us to any logos that match this style that you’ve seen on the web.

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Comments & Discussion


Comments & Discussion


  1. Derek Brown says:

    Great list!

    However, Eveva doesn’t seem to be an ambigram. The ‘v’s become upside-down triangles. And mirrored, everything’s backwards. Or am I missing something?

  2. Sean Farrell says:

    Wow awesome list and some great choices. Thanks for including some of mine, its an honor.

  3. Liz Nelson says:

    This is the best list i have seen yet! Seriously inspiring. Thanks for compiling it. It’s definitely bookmarked.

  4. Joshua Johnson says:

    Derek, oh crap! I didn’t even think about the v’s!

  5. Joshua Johnson says:

    Sean, love your work!

  6. Mind Blowing!!! says:

    Simply amazing…What a thinking :)

  7. Mike C says:

    Awesome put together. The umbrella logo is amazing. Best part is i haven’t seen alot of these all over the web yet..great post!

  8. Soumitra says:

    2 thumbs up!

  9. This is a brilliant article! One that I will reference and provide the student designers with!

    Thanks :)

  10. ab says:

    Great finds on all of them. A good logo design is crucial.

  11. Paul Singh says:

    This is a nice collection. Loved Food Writers, Pencil and Australian Pork.

  12. asdf says:

    the logos are good but why did you insist on explaining every one of them like your readers are toddlers? fuckhead

  13. LBParker says:

    Thanks for posting this!

  14. mes says:

    Some of your readers are not designers and appreciate the explanations. Thanks for a cool list.

  15. Eko says:

    You give us more value, than a simple showcase..
    Love your work, inspired me..Thanks

  16. Liked the post but i have questions about those ambigrams.. especially the first one.. with its old english type face, we can not expect people to see it

  17. Rupa says:

    Fabulous and inspirational!

  18. Jonathan says:

    Nice work. These are all very clever, but they’re all clever in the same way. Almost every picture is a picture of two things in one. However, for effective branding and logos, the most important thing isn’t being clever, but conveying the logos (idea) of the company and what it does…

  19. Nice job on compiling this list. It must have taken you quite a while! Maybe not necessary to explain each one. We can figure them out. ;)

  20. Rafyta says:

    It doesn’t matter, since these are mostly taken from logopond and many might not be real companies.

  21. Some fantastic and clever examples! Many look very similar, so i’m wondering how many different sources they came from.

    I’ve been messing with the “upside down” idea for ages, and wanted to turn it into a t-shirt.

    umop episdn

  22. Farah says:


  23. Frank says:

    Reminds me of the FexEx Logo where the negative space between the “E” and the “x” in “Ex” is an arrow representing targeted speed.

  24. Shikeb Ali says:

    Mind blowing ! amazing … I wish I could see the design process of some logo’s from their rough sketch to final result.

  25. These are really good – its a great collection. it goes to show the level of professionalism a logo can bring

  26. Jill says:

    As a designer who has been out of her element for a while, this has definitely stirred my senses. Thanks!

  27. PCARTER says:

    Great post, and great logos indeed.

    Just to play devil’s advocate for a moment, I will say that some of the cleverness is a touch lack luster because a majority of these are fake entities.

    It is a bit more difficult when creating a clever solution for a real-world client that has a service and name already in place.

    Although these solutions are brilliant and beautiful, it is a little easier when you come up with “noun” + “noun” = a symbol of the two combined.

    Not to take anything away from these excellent solutions or discredit them, I would just say reader be aware that design thinking that makes sense of the abstract and confusing world of actual commerce can be quite a bit more challenging.

  28. Cliff Smith says:

    I really like the logo of Bedroom Expressions. A company owned by the Denver Mattress Company, and part of furniture row. The logo incorporates a bed that looks like a woman in a skirt. Very subliminal.

    Try this link. http://furniturerow41.reachlocal.net/

  29. Great Inspiration! This is ultimately my favorite type of logo design also. It’s hard to pick favorites but the bipolar logo I have come across before and it always sticks out. It’s simplistic design could yield endless possibilities for marketing materials.

  30. gazjoy says:

    How about this one? You’ll like this one…

  31. Levi says:

    For “inequality records”:
    [QUOTE]The equality symbol has been slightly modified so that the bottom is shorter than the top; a perfect statement of inequality.”[/QUOTE]

    You mean “top is shorter than the bottom”?

    A great compilation though…

  32. Ashis K Majumdar says:

    Wow! Amazing collection of awesome designs. Thanks for giving us a chance to rejuvenate our grey matters with simple but effective ideas.

  33. Insaneman says:

    I really like the Bipolar, Bananas Films and Green Labs, Night Golf, Spartan, Awsome ambigram, Edge and many more, but those are my faves

  34. Stijn says:

    I had clicked here, expecting to see some of the logo’s already in my collection of inspiring designs, and did indeed notice some of them. But there were a let of new ones as well.
    Thanks for compiling this great collection. This is going into my delicious.

  35. xoc says:

    Aussie ISP Westnet’s logo is a work of evil genius.


    Subtle, subversive, and extremely gutsy. So inappropriate, yet what could be more appropriate for an internet service provider?

    For those who can’t see it, count yourselves lucky.

  36. Heryien says:

    Really a smart logo. nice..

  37. Peter says:

    Great collection.

  38. Ambigram = Readable upside down. Not that the words are just the same upside as downside. lol.

  39. Andy H says:

    Very cool!

    I haven’t seen any of these before!

    One nice and simple ambigram from a real-life company: SONOS!


  40. Paul Wiggins says:

    Thank you. Inspiring stuff.

  41. Ejaz says:

    Really good collection Joshua, indeed not just another list post but it has some great logos. Especially I like Lion Bird logo.

  42. RashidP says:

    Nice work to compile some creative executions. Many logos did hint at the business the company was in but many did not. An ideal logo should have a subtle and creative hint at the line of business.

    A touch of humor and play of color to a design helps.

  43. Maz says:

    Great collection – love the ones that get you thinking, although i couldnt help but notice most of the companies names consist of two ‘things’ eg spice + mountain, mail + house… which to me seems easier to come up with something. I always tend to get clients like ‘Teds club’ and ‘RT printing’.. Any tips on finding inspiration for these types of company names?

  44. A lots of creative logos but I liked the most “Spartan” logo :)

  45. Non-Designer says:

    @mes – I’m not a designer and I thought the addition of pre-school explanation was a complete waste of my time in an otherwise wonderfully fulfilling article.

  46. Joshua Johnson says:

    I definitely disagree with all the comments that logos for fake companies serve no inspirational purpose. The exact same techniques can be used for a company called Bob’s Print shop. The key here is to find out a few things about the business, what it’s all about, etc. Maybe you make a printer that looks like a shop, or a house made of paper, etc. These logos, “real” or not, are great pieces of work and provide legitimate inspiration to anyone really looking for it and willing to apply what they learn.

  47. Andrew says:

    Umbrella is almost perfect. Needs two raindrops where the arches of the m would be. Not everyone is smart enough to fill them in on their own.

  48. Wit gives the best messages!

  49. I love clever logos, but it should not be clever at the expense of the brand. These are great, but some seem like they might only be exercises instead of logos in the wild. It would be interesting to know how many clever logos get rejected by clients for being too interesting…

  50. Paavo Ojala says:

    Finnish brewer Olvi has had a clever word art logo of a the letters of the company name form a barrel. The name company name Olvi is an archaic name for beer.


  51. In the Fish logo made from letters F-I-S-H, the ‘I’ is actually the ‘eye’! Eye… er, I found that pretty cool :)

  52. Annie says:

    I am glad you explained them all. I enjoyed the explanation and then going back to see what you explained. Even with explanations I didn’t get some. I loved the whole post. Thanks for taking the time to post this. They are all wonderful!

  53. Orlando Juan Vicente says:

    Simply put: “Less is More”. Each logo is just a real eye catcher. Congratulations to all graphic designers.

  54. Drew says:

    Most of these are too complicated — the artist was trying too hard to be clever, especially disappointing for made up companies since they could have done *anything*. The ones that work best keep it simple or subtle or both. And what @Jonathan says is accurate — there are many similar ideas here. On the shark theme, check out this logo: http://www.sharkstainless.com/

    I count only a dozen that I would actually consider good. In my rough order of preference: Airtime, Food Writers, Night Golf, Infinity Crime, Metromobile, Uptown, Bananas, upside down, Spartan, Mailhouse, Word Refuge

    Here’s one of my favorites with something hidden (with a great description of its creation): http://www.thisuser.com/2008/09/designing-puzzazz-logo.html

  55. Jay says:

    Great collection. I’m will show them for my students.

  56. VikramG says:

    Liked most of them,they are in deed clever. Most of them needed lots of sketch work and hard work with void thinking.
    As aptly said that lots of them can not be put in to commercial use,but still efforts are apriciated.
    Why i do not see any 3D logos,seems it is much more difficult to design.
    Overall it is a visual feast.
    Keep up the good work and posted.

  57. Oh-my-god! Awesome post Joshua!
    I love it how these logos are so savy. Great inspiration!

  58. bycan says:

    Really great collection and some nice inspiration. Also all logos here are great quality work. Nice job finding them :)

  59. James says:

    Some of these just show another level of thinking.

    It takes some vision to see a golf swing as a spartan helmet etc. A real appreciation for shape.

  60. Dila says:

    I love these logos, but I can’t stop thinking that some of the names were put after the graphic idea. Maybe not! haha.

    Nice collection.

  61. These are all very good logos, most I have not seen before. Thanks for sharing :)

    Stream Companies

  62. natasha dyer says:

    awsome awesome AWESOME!

  63. Pusparaj says:

    One the best logo collections I’ve ever seen. Some of them are really creative.

  64. lovecat says:

    I love these logos,.

  65. coso says:

    Most of them are just student exercises, right? Cause there’s no way to locate a link or any info, if you google them you only find them in blogs like this one.

    Good collection anyway.

  66. James Fenton says:

    A really good selection of logos. Some are totally inspired, others simply hillarious.

    Thanks for feeding the brain

  67. Alberto says:

    Good Collection, Congratulations for the post.
    well done!

  68. Ted Thompson says:

    Some cool logos. Word Refuge is my favourite!

  69. Jon says:

    great collection is very good, interesting and shows much creativity

  70. Sarfraz Sama says:

    Really awesome, great creativity. Every logo is self explanatory.

  71. kept says:

    Talking about ambigrams, here is the cover of a lithuanian hc band’s Bora last album “Phantom Hunters”.


  72. Logo man says:

    These logos are clever however they are not ‘real’. I’ve tried looking for them on the web and these products, companies and services do not exist. Good inspiration and thats about it. For REAL identity and logo work check out http://www.underconsideration.com/brandnew/

  73. Joey 6gunz says:

    SOme of this logos sux. I prefer logoyes.com for my logo choice.

  74. Alberto says:

    They are funny and smart, but it’s very easy when you make the logo first and then decide the name. The process is usually inverted :-)

  75. Afroz Lateef says:

    Very nice list. Thanks for the explanations.
    Who did these? I may need one logo designed and would like to contact one of the artists.

  76. sunil bakshi says:

    truly amazing collection

  77. Marcelo says:

    Amazing!!! Very Nice Collection, Congrats !!!

  78. nagu says:

    wow,, awesome…, like this whole collection

  79. Derek Jensen says:

    Looking at these just make me think about redoing my logo, but that’s in the near future.

    Had to digg this.

  80. Sara Roney says:

    Wow! Wonderful ideas! so smart & clever! :-D thanks for sharing!

  81. grace says:

    Genius design…really! Lion Bird is fantastic.

  82. Great list. I wish you had credited the designers that created the amazing work.

  83. Christina Brusendorff says:

    These are beautifully simplistic and minimalist which is lovely! And even if some of the negative comments on here are true the logos illustrate what can be achieved with a creative mind and a talent for design!

  84. damien says:

    Nice selection.
    But you forgot the best one: Fed Ex

  85. Deval Nakshiwala says:

    Amazing collection. Got into the brains of intelligent designers.

  86. dave says:

    wannabee join ing ing ing

  87. harish says:

    awesome compilation and great work by the logo creators…

  88. Rob Simone says:

    Love the list. Pokerhills can also represent; “Poke her hills”. As the cards do resemble the feminine shape, with a heart tattoo to match.

  89. Really like Pepperhorn. Lovely collection.

  90. kevin says:

    the big ten football conference has a pretty ingenious logo. when the conference added an eleventh team, they didn’t want to change the name, so they incorporated an 11 in the negative space of the logo.


  91. Ligia says:

    If sometime I´ve got enough money to pay design my logo, I am sure will be with you. Farfallina kids wear (Ubatuba-Brasil)

  92. Nikholas says:


  93. Great artice! I think logos are one of the hardest things a designer can create. To capture the essence of a company requires real skill and is by no means a quick job.

  94. Libervurto says:

    This page inspired me to think outside the box and I’ve just finished designing a logo I’m very proud of. Thanks :)
    Is there a spot I could upload it if you’d like to see?

  95. Shahzam Luckman says:

    Amazing logos! I love all of them. I really enjoyed looking at it. They are all simple with hidden meaning inside of it. I think a logo company should stand out from the current market and its competitors. I recently worked with Logo Design Creation to have my logo done. I did not regret paying them to design my logo. The logo design that they created really give a good respond to my business. It show the professionalism to my business and I become more confident to do business. The Logo Design Creation team do a good and professional job! Frankly speaking from my opinion, they are really professional in understanding customer needs. No need to explain further, they promise what they had said. I’m fully satisfy with their designer’s team work.

  96. Cool collection! Thanks for posting.

  97. lewis says:


  98. Jeremy says:

    Freakin’ awesome! :O

  99. They are actually really clever! it just goes to show what people can think of given the time:)

  100. Samantha Uvalle says:


  101. Jeff Gillan says:

    Thank you for sharing so many great designs. Some I suspect may be purely portfolio projects, relying on fictional names that drive the concept, and otherwise unlikely to be trading businesses. But inventive and creative regardless.

  102. BANLOGOPOND says:


    Seriously, you can hate on the ESPN logo all you want, but it followed a brief, which ALL OF THESE FAKE ASS LOGOS DID NOT. In real life, you can’t make up brand names because you have a cool way of combining to entities.

  103. TED BEN says:

    Amazing! Difficult choice one.

  104. Logo Gallery says:

    Lovely logo selections there, some new ones that we’ll try to feature soon.

    Loved the Pepperhorn one.. Didn’t quite figure out the thinktank one… Not sure the bulb really did it for me.

  105. Creative9 says:

    Best one for me was Pencil… would never have seen that…. awesome and super clever..

  106. raymond says:

    damn you, kirby mcgee! finally, after following too many links to the same tired graphic design school logos, i stumbled on this. thank you for sharing.

  107. Meghatt says:

    WOW! These have def. inspired me. Thanks for sharing!

  108. Yaikz! says:

    I like the logo’s, but I think they are made up, not real designs for brands? That way it is always simpler, think of a combination of graphics and add the word later…

    Zum beispiel: Hey, Australia is in the form of a pignose… I make a pignose and make up the brand ‘australian pork’

    That said… Still: good strong graphics

  109. Excellent. BTW, the codefish logo is somewhat similar to that of my one-man-shop, Salakala (“Secret fish” in Estonian): <*|||++<

  110. web design says:

    awsome awesome AWESOME!

  111. Interesting collection, the fish logo is really impressive.

  112. Giorgetta says:

    Excellent selection! Love these logos.

  113. T A Ramesh says:

    Everything is simply fantastic and best indeed!

  114. Gabe says:

    Nicely assembled!

  115. P. says:

    Fantasic pieces of work !

  116. skyrbe says:

    This is really inspiring…Thanks a ton for puttin these up :)

  117. Arun says:

    Excellent.. I like Spartans….

  118. Efektiivsus says:

    Really viral stuff! Splendid. Are they all real??

  119. haris kotta says:

    fantastic &amazing!!!

  120. haris kotta says:

    ! l!ke these s!mpl!c!ty and creativity

  121. Kate Harts says:

    I think this website is really inspiring and has some great ideas. I wish I could be as clever in designing the logo for my new company. Thank you for taking the time to put these all together. Really inspirational.

  122. abhishek says:

    Hi friends…..recently we have provioded online assignment help to the college and university students as well professionals who always need and seeking better assignment help, thesis help, dissertation help, custom essay help.Get 1st class MyAssignmenthelp.co.uk in all subjects by receiving high quality, plagiarism free, scholarly referenced assignments at affordable prices, in your email box before deadline.

  123. Logo watcher says:

    Hmm logos? It looks like the ones you had to made at art school only for the purpose to use typografy illustrate things. Most of them are illustrations not logos – a logo need to embrace and show the FEELING and soul of the brand, not just illustrate the thing the name said. Umbrella/Pencil is that a name for a company?

    Also a logo need to be readable in small size at business card fx a lot from the list will not.

    But – very amazing illustrations though. Nice thinking behind :)

  124. I know it might be bit late to comment on this
    But still want to relate that these are quality logos
    I am a graphic designer and have been inspired by the logos on display here. Not only I got creative ideas developed from the above logos I will refer them to my team.
    Do you take subcontracts or outsource any of your work?
    I am skilled in graphic design and building web applications that are database driven.
    I look forward to initiate a mutual synergy if possible

  125. Some nice ideas – whether they’re real businesses or not, I think you can still appreciate their interpretation.

  126. Oliver says:

    nice compilation, good work

  127. Bob Z says:

    There is a branding/ad company in my building that I’ve always thought had a very clever logo. Corporate Visions Inc. (http://www.corpvisions.com/) At first glance their logo is a stylized lightbulb, but looking closer the bulb itself is a “C”, the glowing filament is a “V”, and “Inc.” forms the base.

  128. Jerome says:

    Am I the only one who thinks these are all bad visual puns? Poker cards + hills = PokerHills, Lightbulb + Tank = ThinkTank. These logos are bad literal interpretations of the names. Do a search for Paul Rand, Pentagram, or AIGA archives if you’re looking for successful logo designs.

  129. BlueGlutton says:

    That’s so impressive !!!


  130. Graham says:

    The creativity of some people just astounds me – these are absoluteley brilliant logos!

  131. Daniel says:

    I agree with Jerome, most of these are way too literal. Have a look at http://www.lancewyman.com for an example of some really creative logos that stand the test of time.

  132. This is great work and a good example to show clients that say they “just want a logo”. It demonstrates the possibilities they may have never dreamed of…. Very inspiring. Thanks for gathering them all for us to see Joshua!

  133. Doug Meyer says:

    Seems to me that the opening credits for ‘Night Falls on Manhattan’ to be inspired by the same muse as these logos.

  134. Naiara says:

    The logos are excellent for studying the simplicity of words (the
    meaning) and forms used to clear understanding.
    The design put together science, art and sophistication.
    Kiss nai

  135. Kevin Hughes says:

    Great collection! I enjoyed looking through these.

  136. great inspiration for logo designers, very creative ideas used in it. thanks

  137. emma cross says:

    now i need to re think my company name!
    very cool selection

  138. owen says:

    I bought a Princess Bride dvd and was surprised/impressed by the ambigram they did: http://www.dvdtown.com/moviedatabase/coverart/princess-bride-the/dvd/22400/0

  139. xavier says:

    are great. thanks for the post

  140. Hirani says:

    Great Logos, totally motivates me

  141. Jared says:

    Yeah these logos are great, but hardly any of them are real companies. Sure it’s easy to create a clever logo for a fictional company, especially when you get to name it. I can make a fish that looks like a dog and call it “FishDog Entertainment”, but who really wants to be called FishDog?

    Real life examples please.

  142. Tykayn says:

    waw that are great works :) impressive and giving envy to make some!
    (and for the inegal record, the logo looking like an equal sign, i makes also a vynil tape seen from side. \o/

  143. rhobere says:

    I’d like to point out that the majority of these “clever” designs are just pictures of one thing disguised as a different thing. its not creative when you use the same equation as every other “creative” design.

  144. Chelsea says:

    This isn’t the first list of logos i’ve seen but definitely one of the best. I’m pretty bad at coming up with logo ideas so thanks for the inspiration!

  145. Michael says:

    I love the logos…one thing that was overlooked is on the Maritime logo; the negative space between the two boats makes the shape of a shield.

  146. Dan says:

    Nice list, but calling this collection “awesome” really devalues that word. Awe, in case we’ve all forgotten, is an emotion made up of equal parts reverence, dread and wonder. To characterize this post accurately, I’ll go with impressive, yeah, that works.

  147. Theo Millard says:

    brilliant Logos – thanks for sharing your collection.

  148. JZ says:

    WOW! this is really cool!like the arrow in the fedEx logo, but much more clever! I do graphic design, and this helped spark some ideas! Thanks!

  149. Maryam says:

    How can I have for my business?

  150. Matthias says:

    Great List, thx for inspiration!

    BTW: I love the “The Magnificent” Logo of DJ Jezzy Jeff

  151. Kamal Patel says:

    WoW …I love this…excellent creativity from the makers of the all logos…Bravo…\m/

  152. anonymous says:


  153. Thats really a great collection and very inspiring. It was a very good job done by the logo makers.

  154. great idea and inspire, its really the big idea from the profesional :)

  155. Rom says:

    What I don’t like about this list, is that lot of these companies don’t exist. It’s a real pain in the ass to come up with creative logos and those are very inspiring, but working with the company’s constraints (shitty name, colors) is dramatically different. I’m sure it would be super easy to make an awesome logo for a company named “Wolf Fork” or whatever.
    These are very ingenious anyway, thanks for sharing.

  156. Julian says:

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  158. Marco says:

    What challenge is there in making up an image and slapping a made-up name to it, or vice versa? Really, how many companies out there have names like “Lion Bird”, “PepperHorn”, “Pencil”…? Yes, most of these are pretty clever, but It’s the easiest thing in the world to create a logo from something that just pops into your head one day while your driving around. Now, get a logo development project for an actual company, with a real name, an actual deadline in place and expectations to meet that fall in line with what the company does and it’s a different story.

  159. sheila says:

    Well said, Marco. I was actually going to say the EXACT SAME THING. While these are cute, clever, fun to look at, I totally agree….I know some of them are real, like the Food Writers’ one, but most of these seem like made-up names. Sure, it’s easy to come up with a cute, clever logo if it’s not real, basically verb+noun, or noun+noun (preferably animal). Try designing something for a real company with their not-so-clever name :)

  160. Karen says:

    I’m not a graphic designer but I LOVE typography. Great post!

  161. Anthony Aird says:

    I’m almost crying out of joy over these they’re so GOOD!!! Great selection and impeccable creativity in all of them.

  162. peter says:

    very inspirational for a graphic designer like me. it seems those designers are illustrators as well.

  163. Jared says:

    Meh, these aren’t that great. Most lack detailed execution.

  164. Fawad says:

    Nice and amazing

  165. Priya Londhe says:

    I like the work. and thanks for sharing…!!!

  166. dina says:

    loved them all!! it really put a smile on my face:)

  167. thank you for the effort of collecting and sharing all these logos. What I really appreciate is their effectiveness. They have the power of communicating in a simple , immediate and smart way what they stand for. Great design for people.

  168. tipagrafica says:

    Amazing compilation. So usefull to work with. Txs and best regards!

  169. kanupriya says:

    Great comiplation :) i love the night golf.. its very unique yet without any fuss.. thumbs up

  170. My favorites are SPARTAN GOLF CLUB, ECOPUP, COUNTRY LIVING DENTISTRY and FUEL QUOTER but generally they’re all first class :)
    Warren (UK)

  171. jaishree says:

    Love the fabulous ideas! they are simply a delite to go through! Hats off to all those intelligently creative people! :)

  172. studio layani says:

    really nice work!! but, like someone else said:

    “Almost every picture is a picture of two things in one.”

    what was first, the logo or the brand name? maybe they first had a nice and clever idea about putting two things together that have not much in common and make a logo, and this happen to be the brand name (pepperhorn)
    i’d like to see what these designers can come up with when the name/brand already exists… because many brands have “normal” names, not things like bananas films…

  173. nasim says:

    lion bird & night golf club r my favorite.

  174. Awesome & great designs….Hope this will help me to create/modify my company’s logo..

    My favorites are:Fish,Night Golf & Sparton

  175. Majid Iqbal says:

    Great list. Thanks for sharing!

    If your work is featured on this list, please contact me via my personal email –> majid.x.iqbal@gmail.com

    I need work done on a similar scope.

  176. David Ayres says:

    Some very nice examples of beautifully crafted logos. Some a bit too overdone. Also we didn’t need the commentary which points out exactly what’s in the logo. Either it works or it doesn’t. The logos wont have descriptors with them when they appear in public!

  177. Johnny Q says:

    These aren’t fantastically clever. While they are effective and visually pleasing, EVERY SINGLE ONE is just two concepts that have been combined into one image. The only one that truly stood out to me was Lion Bird.
    Mountain Spice? It looks great, and I’m sure it works for their company, but it didn’t blow my mind that it could look like a mountain and a pile of spices at the same time.

  178. Bryan Wright says:

    Despite all of the negative comments above there are some really good ideas here. Any design that makes you smile due to its creativity is worth its weight in gold. Here’s a simple ambigram of EDGE that we used for a client – http://tinyurl.com/6c3w9wt

  179. There are some great designs here which is amazing as there are some utterly ridiculous company names that the designers had to work with.

    I suspect that many of these identities will live longer in the portfolio that the companies will do in the real world.

    Some appear to be designed more for the portfolio that the real world too.

  180. Renato says:

    Bacana “I liked”

  181. Rick says:

    While some of these are quite good. Some feel like they are contrived. Perhaps not all are real companies?

    Some of our most clever concepts never made it through client approvals. Shame when that happens… the idea is often unique to the situation and can not be re-purposed.

  182. Matt Walker says:

    Dude!!! You chose my ESPN Fantasy logo as a put down logo?!? WTF? That’s not cool.

  183. Melissa says:

    Most of these are not real company names. Rather made up names for the sake of making good images. Lets see some real stuff — the right stuff.

  184. Mousematt says:

    Inspirational yes, original no. I like the simpler ones best, quite striking. I have seen these type of logos before and look more like work projects for design students rather than actual existing companies. How often does a designer get the chance to come up with something that has the elements of the ones above. Well done anyway, I hope I think of something similar like Uptown or Lion Bird comes up.

  185. Karanja Gacheru says:

    Truelly awesome collection. Inspiring and challenging too.

  186. Ferko says:

    Excelentes trabajos, me encantaron las variables y la creatividad tipográfica que usaste para resolver temas conceptuales. Saludos, Fernando Komel.

  187. WCM says:

    Thanks for posting these creations.. was looking for some ideas for a logo and was inspired by these images. Not only eye candy, but mind candy as well.

  188. KBINOKC says:

    Very inspirational! I would like to see more. Maybe next time you might pick one of mine. Just kidding.

  189. Terry Arnold says:

    I appreciate the effort that has gone into collecting these logos and putting them online.

    However, I find most of them are simply literal translations of English words.

    Great logo design goes beyond literal translation, communicating, quite often subliminally, and without words other important brand values. The logo for the Shell Oil Company is a good example.

    A good logo transcends language, culture and time.

    Outside their domestic market many of these logos are weak.

    In addition to the classic logos that have stood the test of time such as the Rolls Royce logo, HMV etc… there are many new, powerful and fresh logos that have come into the market such as Google. These logos are equally original, vibrant, dynamic and totally new as the classics.

    Moreover they make this selection look very dated and rather tired.

    I am not being negative. I just believe that the bar is alot higher than this selection suggests.

    By the way if you go to my website you will see I don’t practice what I preach!! – This is because great logo design does not come cheap – If I had the funds I would very happy to have mine redesigned and credit the designer at every opportunity – A good logo is a very valuable asset.

    brand values. Shell

  190. iben Djuraas says:

    THANX! So much inspiration in 1 click!!!

  191. Andydesigner says:

    Some great ideas here!

  192. Mani M. Mani says:

    Most of them are intelligent and innovative
    thanks for sharing

  193. Anusha Jain says:

    Simply brilliant stuff!!

  194. GWizz says:

    Nice stuff BUT as several people pointed out, these appear to be made-up brand names to provide convenient vehicles for the design interpretation. In my many years in design and marketing I have never been blessed with a client with a brand/product name that would lend itself to these types of ‘word to picture’ or letter play logos. Closest was ICI but sadly another agency seemed to have that part of the account tied up! Still, I can live in hope and if God smiles on me with a suitable project I shall take inspiration from your article.

  195. PROPELLER says:

    These are great! Thank you for taking the time and vetting this work. I love the challenge to create clever ways to simply express a client’s business or point of difference in their logo. And GWizz, God smiles on everybody. You just have to smile back. :)

  196. bruceC says:

    Wow… very inspirational!

  197. rachael says:

    they are very cool! it’s great to see a good logo. i mean good ones. i’ve seen too many bad ones out there. so thanks for the inspiration. i would love to see more of it.

  198. Rudy Chou says:

    Here’s a logo I put together for a friend that is a plumber.


    I used the negative space to convey two images.

  199. Harish Asnani says:

    Amazing great job…well done

  200. Liliya Pellus says:

    Pretty great list. Thanks for posting.

  201. Randy says:

    Wow, these are some well crafted logos. I would love to see their process.

    Thank you for posting this. Now I want to make my own logo!

  202. Paresh says:

    Creative collection takes me back to design school. Inspires to create ….. anything.

  203. Liz Moon says:

    I wouldn’t call this just ‘another logo round up’! These are brilliant logos, thank you for sharing! I too love the double entendre in in image and in language! Thanks again!

  204. Sweet collections, really creative.

  205. serap says:

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  206. haya says:

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  208. Corri says:

    When I came into the business I inherited the logo – bit dated and tired … great inspiration here though. Just need a bit of creative flair now :)

  209. Awesome set! I have few more at my blog
    I hope you like it!

  210. Suzan Peterson says:

    Thanks for sharing, I loved them all.
    Very inspirational!

  211. Great collection of logo and very inspiring.Very creative ideas used in it.

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    Thanks for such good article.

  219. Well designed logos requires really hard work.Very beautiful and creative logo designs, I wish I could design like that.

  220. Nate George says:

    Wow one of the best most comprehensive lists I’ve seen in a while!

  221. Tommy Luk says:

    How about this? Japanese style??

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    Excellent work. Inspired.

  230. david dawson says:

    wow… love the inventiveness of these. are these all actual company logos?

  231. ardhi says:

    awesom logo design

  232. awesome collection… :)

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  235. Keith Blues says:

    Love this really inspiring and focused logo concepts. Great post thanks.

  236. Dave McMahon says:

    Some great logos there. Pity the explanations appeared before the images, though – it would have been nice to have the chance to work them out for myself!

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  238. Deon says:

    Great collection you got there! This is also a great example of an ambigram!
    Click this link to the article (dutch): http://donebydeon.com/ambigram-done-by-deon/

  239. Lijo says:

    What a work..?? Superrbb Idea.. Congrats.. :)

  240. Petr says:

    Great work, thanks a lot!

  241. Kamron says:

    “Simplicity we use to survive” Ever noticed how so much can be said by the simplest most elegant logo? I use a few of these as inspiration when creating logos – love the codefish one most of all!

  242. DGA says:

    Great! Inspired!

  243. Alex says:

    Some seriously amazing logos! Food Writers, Maritime Law, WOW!
    Is there a part 2 coming?

  244. PRAFUL says:

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  245. Logo Design says:

    A commendable list… hey would like to make an addition.. what about Hyundai Motors?

  246. Ugh Krissy you NEVER disappoint. I want to pick my whole life up and move so you can capture it. You always find the perfect way to get the true essence of your subjects. Look at this family! Just Perfect.

  247. Great list. Bananas Films & Lion Bird are brilliant!

  248. ifirst says:

    very creative logos… high IQ stuff

  249. Ok… This is just amazing collection. I love all the logos. Even the simple ones have deep meaning and message is a killer! My number one favorite of all is Spartan Golf Club. Whoever did it as a great imagination and skills! Great job! Thank you for posting!

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