20 Bold Free Script Fonts That You Don’t Have to Be a Girl to Use

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Today we bring you an awesome collection of free fonts that you can download and start using immediately. These fonts are scripts but tend towards the masculine side rather than being all swirly girly.

Give them a shot and let us know what you think!

Why Bold?

I was recently sorting through my fonts trying to find a good script for a project I was working on. I quickly became frustrated with all the feminine wedding fonts that I had to choose from. These are great for some projects, but definitely not appropriate for anything retro, masculine, or just plain fun.


To solve my problem I went in search of nice nice free thick scripts that I could use to round out my collection. Below are the twenty that I found and installed on my machine.



Black Rose






Marketing Script


VTC Bad Tattoo


Deftone Stylus






Hawaii Lover


Hawaii Killer


Angel Tears






Katy Berry




Machine Script






Walrus Gumbo


What Are Your Favorites?

Leave a comment below and let us know which of the fonts above you think are the best. Also be sure to leave a link to any free bold scripts that we missed!

By the way, I’m just kidding about all that girl stuff. Males and females have equal share in whatever fonts they choose to use so don’t go leaving any complaints in the comments! I mean c’mon, that Hawaii font has flowers in it!

Comments & Discussion


Comments & Discussion


  1. stoimen says:

    what a great title! thanks for the collection anyway

  2. L1 says:

    I really like Ballpark, Hawaii Lover, Japan, Katy Berry, Wrexham And Machine!

    All Great!

  3. Giacomo says:

    Very useful font collection..

  4. ldemarets says:

    Thank you, i think Walrus Gumbo is one of my favorite here

  5. I’m using Marketing on my site which I think work pretty well. Quite taken with Androgyne though!

  6. Char-Lou says:

    Love “Lobster” – looks just like a text for a Lobster spot in Maine. Thanks!

  7. Eko says:

    Amazing font design, I love wrexham, katy berry, japan, ballpark, pullman fonts.

    Thanks for share :)

  8. mvhoute says:

    Nice fonts! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Reza says:

    Lobster,I love it.. it’s radically ever made free script font.

  10. onioneye says:

    great collection. This will definitely come in handy for my next project.

  11. Bryan Abad says:

    Bookmarked This is a very nice collection, and the samples are nice too ;)

  12. Hi!
    I’m Pablo Impallari, cretor od the Lobster font. I’m glad you like it!!!!

    Just want to let you know that the Fontsquirel version is not updated.

    You can get the new version, greately improved, at the Lobster site:

    Pablo Impallari

  13. kiran says:

    great collections, Thanks for sharing.

  14. $hekh@r says:

    Mine is none other than Helvetica neue 75 bold.

  15. cherry says:

    i love Hawaii Lover most.it looks so romantic and so beautiful.

  16. djavupixel says:

    I am not sure which one I prefer lol Hawaii Lover or Hawaii killer :-)
    Great Post btw!

  17. The black rose one is sick, reminds me of tattoos. Would be perfect for a tattoo shop name.

  18. afrah says:

    radagund! thank you!

  19. Ruari says:

    Absolutely love that there is a Deftones font available! Love the band and love the font! Good work creator!

  20. thank you, for the great collection of fonts!

  21. Ruby says:

    Thank U for sharing~~Really nice font~~~

  22. Great list – very inspiring.

  23. Enver says:

    Ballpark is great.
    Also HawaiLover rocks.
    Great list here, thanks…

  24. Laura Meider says:

    Thanks for sharing the above fonts, I particularly like Wrexham and Angel Tears.

    Although, I do really like the other fonts but I think these would need to be used in more of a specific design style, where as the ones I have chosen seem to be more general.

    I will defiantly bookmark this page for reference.

  25. Rali Madhu says:

    Nice fonts! Thanks for sharing.
    Way of presentation is good.

  26. tara viel says:

    Great fonts. Sooo cool

  27. sarwasunda says:

    great collection, thanks

  28. Chad Warford says:

    I have always been partial to Airstream, though Walrus Gumbo really stands out to me, and Hawaii Lover is sexy. Nice post.

  29. I m big fan of free fonts.

  30. Mariangel says:

    I like Japan and Walrus, great fonts!

  31. great fonts i like them all and have used quite a lot

  32. SthrnGuy says:

    Just wanted to say THANKS for posting this collection. I was looking for an appropriate script for a aports team project, and Ballpark is perfect!

  33. Lee Hopkins says:

    Love them! Is ‘Japan’ based on the typography used for the 1980s british band of the same name?

  34. luis says:

    yeaaah girl.. awesome fonts. thnks

  35. Ben Sky says:

    Loving the Angel Tears font! Cheers.

  36. Chris says:

    Great list, black rose is what Vimeo uses right?

  37. very nice post. I really like this keep up the great work

  38. artsykat says:

    I like Katy Berry!

  39. Cool fonts that ar makeing my work a lot easyer. Very nice job.

  40. LeX_wh@t_the_Hex says:

    I guarantee, you go to a club. Youll find about half these fonts used in a tramp-stamp some how ;)

  41. fantastic and informative insight, like to see these types of articles in paid for web designer mags.

  42. Justin says:

    Bello and MatrixScript are also really great, by the way, folks.

  43. SCX Live says:

    after checking one by one, I just love these: Lobster-Walrus Gumbo-Airstream-Carrington and Androgyne. Hawaii is cool too. Thx

  44. matthew says:

    I think Ballpark is the best on this list. Maybe thats why I like bold script fonts. They’re masculine

  45. J Atkinson says:

    I find the title of this article offensive.

  46. JD says:

    ‘Creampuff’ is a rip off of Lobster

  47. Chris Beaton says:

    I Like Lobster and Ballpark : )

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