10 CSS Form Examples

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Forms can be greatly enhanced with a touch of CSS, making them more usable and far more visually attractive. Follow some of the examples below and you’ll be creating stunning CSS forms in no time at all.

1. Semantic Horizontal Form

Horizontal CSS Semantic Form

This form is coded in a semantic way and the elements are positioned next to eachother except for the last fieldset which spans the full width of the form below the 3 top fieldsets. It’s been tested in FF1.x, IE6 and Opera8. (looks a little quirky in IE5.x but still usable)

2. Nice Forms

Nice Forms

A great form, with graphical elements and colour to create a different and unique look. All done with CSS and semantic coding.

3. StylePhreak Simple CSS Form

Simple CSS Form

A simple form with regular alignment and unique lines to break up the different sections. This works well as a great base to start your own custom form from.

4. Veerle’s Blue CSS Form

Veerle Blue CSS Form

A simple blue form with rounded background corners, all styled in CSS and XHTML. The layout is pixel perfect, and the images can be customized to match your own requirements.

5. Who Says CSS Forms Can’t Be Pretty?

Who Says CSS Forms Can't Be Pretty?

A unique form with soft background images to complement the fields. It highlights many form possibilities, including a pop-up calendar for choosing a date. A related tutorial also accompanies the example.

5. Man in Blue: Form Examples

Man in Blue: Form Examples

Here I’ve made each fieldset extend the full width of the page. The main styling that’s going on is the positioning of the form elements within the fieldsets. Because each element is contained inside a label tag, you can just float labels left, give them a bit of margin, and they line up horizontally (moving to the next line if there’s not enough width).

6. CSS Play – A Form with Style

CSS Play Form

Forms are not very friendly when it comes to CSS and each browser has its own way of handling them. Styles that work in one browser will not work in another, so depending on which browser you are using you will see a slightly different interpretation.

7. The Form Garden

This is a generic web form containing all the different fields and layouts available in FormAssembly.com. Use this form to make sure your theme works well with any type of web form.

8. Prettier Accessible Forms

Prettier CSS Forms

The most important part of a form is the HTML we use to build it. Fortunately, HTML gives us a nice assortment of tags to build our forms in an accessible way. These are fieldset, legend, and label.

9. HTML Form Effects with CSS

For this tutorial you should already be familiar with HTML forms and the various elements and attributes. You should also have a basic understanding of Cascading Stylesheets (CSS)

10. A 2 Column CSS Form Layout

A 2 Column CSS Form Layout

Websites have become less accessible and more complex over time according to recent studies. Learn how to buck the trend by creating fast, accessible CSS forms that work with modern browsers and gracefully degrade.

Comments & Discussion


Comments & Discussion


  1. spigot says:

    Thanks for the list. Besides being attractive, quite a few of these offer great techniques in usability. I’ll be checking back in when creating my next form. Thanks.

  2. Great showcase, it’s always nice to have some ideas about how to style forms and make them “work”

  3. Chudnutie says:

    I think second one is best.

  4. Jo Potts says:

    Thanks for the list.
    The second one is nice – but the version you’ve linked to is broken in mac safari and firefox. The new version is:


  5. Thanks for pointing that out – I’ve changed the link.

  6. Joseph says:

    Definitely should have included the Wufoo Form Gallery. They’re great.


  7. James says:

    There is some excellent forms here.

    Thanks for sharing.

  8. Stephen Ireland says:

    Another one to include for you- http://dnevnikeklektika.com/uni-form/

  9. Eric says:

    Thank you m8t!

    Great guide, going to study on it!

  10. WebpixIndia says:

    An excellent article. Helps me lot in my projects.

  11. Mowglitech says:

    Great collection.

  12. Mike Lawson says:

    Some great examples here, thanks for sharing.

  13. Helpful examples

    - Shelon Padmore

  14. Leena Ajwani says:

    Good one. I will use it in my project

  15. vienna says:

    Already using it. Nice tips! Thanks a lot

  16. Nice simple design, we’ll use it in one of our project.

  17. The nice form is cool, im using it in my projects, it so happened that you have a list in your site so i just say hi

  18. Alex says:

    Excellent examples. Nice sample

  19. Manoj says:

    Thanks for form css I have used it at my website.

    Thanks again

  20. Hamzah says:

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    so, thanks and be happy.

  21. Nice CSS form.
    Thanks so much..!

  22. amar says:

    excelent examples

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  27. vicina.info says:

    A great collection of form styles. Those samples let others thinking of making a form prettier.

  28. Dany Permana says:

    Very nice Css Forms..
    Thamk You so Much..

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  29. imagebytekid says:

    You’ll have to login to the BBC but we have made some cool forms you might want to see:

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    It includes Free Form Builder as well as Widget Builder where you can easily customize and integrate your forms to your sites!

  31. Atasözleri says:

    thank you, very nice working!

  32. webb says:

    Are there any free codes for forms layouts?

  33. Very nice. Thanks for sharing!

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  48. nice samples… unfortunately i dont know how to use niceforms to my website… the style is missing :(

  49. Excellent form examples, Thanks for posting.

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  56. i’m working late on an html form and your examples have helped inspire me.

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    Designing form always be a challenge for me. Thanks for sharing this showcase, now I can pick the closest design I need (and tweak a bit) :D

  75. Simple and useful form.

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    this is very educational

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    Thanks for this fantastic post. I am working in a new site and wanted something I could use for some of the forms.

    Great stuff.

  78. Divyang says:

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  79. Alen says:

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    While searching the Net for information about designing forms I stumbled on this web page that I found very helpful (the name of the page says it all)…


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    Some really good examples here. Useful because form elements can be amongst the most difficult to style.

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  100. How one can develop CSS forms by refering this website.No coding is given..Not good

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    Thanks mate! @Person-above-me know how to fork code dude, you can learn much better by knowing how things work ;)

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  107. sunny says:

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